ItstheG.O Interviews DioStreams!

I became a new writer for All Ages of Geek and I started to wonder what type of content should I create for this brand? Being that I am a streamer, there are a handful of people who understand what my Twitch journey was like, but there are a lot of times where we don’t […]

Among Us: The Quick Rise But Even Quicker Fall

Despite the game being released in 2018, Among Us became one of those games that gained massive traction in 2020. With the pandemic just beginning and everywhere around the world experiencing lock down, people were craving that human interaction that was missing during the quarantine period. The RiseAs mentioned, the game was released in 2018, […]

Disastrous Life of Saiki-K: An Anime Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

Most of the mainstream anime is very action centric, oftentimes making things super intense. I for one actually love action anime, but sometimes I just want to have a good laugh or just be able to relax and watch an anime in peace. Disastrous Life of Saiki-K honestly is probably one of the funniest anime […]

Dead By Daylight: A New Wave?

WHAT IS DEAD BY DAYLIGHT? About a couple weeks ago, Epic Games made Dead By Daylight free for a limited time. While the game was released in 2016, Dead By Daylight has become one of the most played games as of late because so many people got it for free. I for one had the […]

Karakai Jozu No Takagi-San: Reminding Us of Childhood

Remember how awkward we were when we were in middle school. Just starting to realize that the opposite gender wasn’t as disgusting as we thought, when we first started developing crushes, and figuring out our evolving bodies? Ahhhh good times. Karakai Jozu No Takagi-San is a great feel good anime that reminds us of our […]


In 2017, Naruto Shippuden came to an end and the anime wrapped up with Naruto getting married to Hinata. Not even a month later, Boruto gets released and up until now, it has received a lot of hate within the anime community. Check out this site for more anime posts! I get it, honestly Naruto […]


For those of you just starting out Valorant, or trying to climb up the ranks, finding the right agent to play is important. Granted this list is just on my personal opinion, so if you disagree with any of my listings, let me know down in the comments! S TIER JETT Despite the recent nerfs […]


If you are a part of the Valorant community, you know that every couple months or so, Valorant ends up releasing a new bundle of skins. The common saying goes in Valorant “Skins equals wins”. For those that may not understand what this saying is, let me explain. When you start off Valorant, you end […]


Growing up as an Asian-American it was always tough trying to find someone that I could look up to and relate to. In the media, I would see Asian figures but they were always made as a joke (William Hung). Especially with the pandemic coming around in 2020, there was a huge spike in hate […]