Lem690 Review

Today we are going to chat all about the adorable NFT Lem690. The story behind this NFT is a Lemming delivery truck was breaking down when they were on the shipping and receiving docks and suddenly Lem690 decided to escape the life they had. Lem690 left the claw machine since this was not the life […]

Karen No Yoru Monogatari Review

Anime and manga fans will be thrilled to hear about Karen No Yoru Monogatari! Not only are they Tokens but there is a game being developed as well as a manga. But what makes this so special? Not many Tokens have a story to follow but Karen does.  ABOUT KAREN Karen No Yoru Monogatari! follows […]

Can American Anime Adaptations Be Good?  

Dragon Ball Super on All Ages of Geek

By: Danielle Sullivan Anime adaptations, a long-standing debate that has recently made its way back into the current conversation with the release of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop series and the casting announcement for  Netflix’s One Piece series. Let me start by prefacing, I WANT anime adaptations to be good but historically they have not been great. […]

Otaku Portraits Perfect for the Holidays with Turned Anime

Christmas is around the corner and while some think it is the most wonderful time of the year, others may find it the most stressful! But why?! Well…You may be questioning what to get your friends and family for the holidays but we have the PERFECT solution for you! If you are shopping for an […]

Manga Token has a NEW Manga Called Ambiguity

We have some exciting news from our friends at Manga Token! If you are a fan of manga you will love this. They are releasing their own original Manga NFT series. As a supporter of Manga Token and how they are champions of mangaka around the world, All Ages of Geek is here to chat […]

Toast Punk Review & Story

Today we are going to discuss the story of Toast Punk. These NFTs are inspired by the popular Roblox game series but with a twist. Toast Punks are a collection of breakfast toast with different faces! The inspiration comes from real-life shareable moments and emotions. You can learn more about who they are here:  The […]

Community | The Voxhammer Podcast

The Warhammer community has been renowned for its welcoming and supportive nature, and even tho the community itself isn’t exempt from conflict. It’s still one of the most giving and supportive communities in pop culture. Join us as @miniapothecary and @dvel21 take with them on a look at the part of the Warhammer community they […]

An Interview with Thomas Vaccaro | The Geekoning Podcast

The Geekoning Podcast Today Will interviews Author Thomas Vaccaro all about their book DE CINERIBUS: From the Ashes. LEARN MORE HERE About The Geekoning The Geekoning Podcast is a geek culture, unfiltered podcast related to anime, video games, geeky topics, fandoms and shenanigans. Follow the AAOG Team on their geeky adventures every week and learn more […]

Indie Game Focus: Hanako’s Flower Shop

We had the pleasure of interviewing the creator of Hanako’s Flower Shop! 1. How long have you been creating games? Personally I (Vsevolod Metelskyi) have been working as a game developer for a bit more than 4 years working on a variety of mobile and PC-oriented games as well as some smaller AR and VR […]

Sims Show Off: Winter!

Sims Show Off is back! Today we explore three creators and their winter builds! @flubs79 Original Tweet @Asimsa04 Original Tweet @create4sims Original Tweet — Have a tip for us? Want to discuss a possible story? Need coverage? Please send an email to [email protected] Tatiana Stec is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at All Ages of […]