Toast Punk Review & Story

Produced by: All Ages of Geek | Music: #flexlove | Voice over by: Will Horner

Today we are going to discuss the story of Toast Punk. These NFTs are inspired by the popular Roblox game series but with a twist. Toast Punks are a collection of breakfast toast with different faces! The inspiration comes from real-life shareable moments and emotions. You can learn more about who they are here: 

The story behind Toast Punk is a factual story. A beautiful family would wake up early to have breakfast together. During their time together they would create faces on their toast with tomato sauce, cheese, and all kinds of breakfast delights. Years go by and the father and his two kids came up with hundreds of different faces! Each having their own emotions. Happy, sad, ugly, and even alien looking! Because of this they decided to jump into the NFT world and challenge themselves to create 1,000 faces!

Toast Punk has a great and positive community. Not only can you support them on Twitter but you can also interact with the creator! If you are an NFT collector and have a suggestion for a new NFT be sure to interact with them on Twitter! Toast Punk also has a huge Discord Server with over 4,000 members! Everyone should join to stay updated on all things Toast Punk!

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