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Dragon Ball Super (The Power of Willpower) | All Ages of Geek

Willpower is something we use to do, well, anything and yet so few of us understand how powerful a gift from God willpower is. Think about it, there are stories of even the frailest of using willpower to lift cars off their loved ones after a car crash, there are stories of people on their deathbeds holding off death through sheer will to say goodbye to their loved ones. Why is free will the greatest gift God has given us? Because it is only through true free will that the power of willpower can be realized!

All of the things I mentioned come from the DESIRE to protect, to say the things you never could before to your loved ones, that is something that couldn’t be done to the extent that we can do it if it wasn’t out of desire and love to protect and do what you need to. Willpower has a strange way of blinding us to the point that we don’t think at all if the situation is dire enough, we simply try and succeed.

There’s an anime called Dragon Ball Super which shows this well in the latter parts when Goku enters a mindset called “Ultra Instinct”. When Goku enters this mindset on screen it’s always for one singular purpose, to protect his loved ones. Nothing else exists in his mind, there are no other enemies except the one in front of him, there is nothing that can distract him from his mission and there is no other mission than protecting his friends.

Though it’s shown an anime, we are completely capable of achieving this amount of willpower in real life. I myself must do it regularly due to many physical and mental health issues. I cannot and will not succumb to the very things I try to warn people against! I must make the choice that the purpose God has given me WILL be realized, I WILL protect those around me even if it means I get hurt or worse, I MUST not become who I was before I met Jesus and I must rely on His willpower to not go back to who I was.

But even if you don’t believe in God, willpower is still such a powerful tool. See your dream as something that MUST come true, see your loved ones as people you MUST protect and see your past self as someone who MUST remain in the past no matter what and use the gift of free will to change this world in ways everyone says you could never change it in ways that everyone said you couldn’t! More importantly, use it to change the world and the people in it because it will only get darker if those with strong will do not step up and use them.

The Importance of Community

Why is a community with others so important to us? Why is the pain of loneliness so unbearable? To answer this I need to share the time in my life when I first understood what community was and what it meant. When my first friend saved me from the depths of darkness despite my constant rejection of Him, the one who never stopped loving me despite how deeply my hatred for Him grew and the one who taught me who empathy and love are. The day I accepted Jesus as my savior and friend, my community, after many years of convincing myself that I didn’t need or want community.

Community isn’t just knowing of other people, the community is about being able to truly empathize and understand other people, to share your pain, your happiness, your despair, your joy and your passion with one another and grow as individuals and as a group. Community is something that has been vital to us since day one of our race’s existence. When God created Adam he was completely sinless and perfect and yet something was still missing, he had no one to share the happiness of the things God had given him with, despite being in literal paradise it wasn’t complete without the ability to share the depths of himself with another. Even in complete perfection, Adam could still feel the sting of loneliness. So God created Eve and only after that was Adam completely fulfilled in every way.

No matter how much we try to convince ourselves otherwise, we NEED people who can share in our joys and our pains, we need people we can rely on to steer us back on the right path when we stray from what’s good. God did not create man to be alone and no amount of trying to convince ourselves otherwise will change that. To say that we need no one to correct us, to connect with us, to bear our burdens with us is to put ourselves on the same pedestal as God himself and as we’ve seen in the past, those who do that get knocked down hard.

In this way, accepting a community is also a sign of being humble, to accept that you have limits and cannot do everything on your own. A community between us is the last prayer Jesus prayed before his trial and crucifixion began. The desire for community is something we simply can’t truly do way with no matter how deep we bury it. Community with others is what will keep us from destroying ourselves and it’s what will bring some semblance of peace to the world.

​Find a community and if all other communities reject you, create one!

Bullying Prevention | All Ages of Geek

Bullying is a serious problem in our society. I was bullied for many years, so in this article, I’d like to write about how to deal with bullies and how to help the victims of bullying.

What Can I Do Against Bullying?

Don’t look away if you see that someone is bullied. Be kind to the person being bullied. Show them that you care by trying to include them. Talk to them, invite them to something. Just hanging out with them will help them know they aren’t alone.

How Can I Defend Myself Against Bullies?

Talk to someone about the situation, a teacher, your friends, your parents. You can only get help if you speak about it. The longer you wait, the worse the situation gets, a bully thinks otherwise he can do anything with you. Please Ask For Help! Because a bully is a very weak person, if he knows that you are asking for help he will be scared because he fears the consequences. Don’t make the same mistakes that I made. I was too scared to ask for help because I was afraid of the reaction of the bullies and I was beaten up several times within two years.  In the end, though they can’t do anything to me when I ASK FOR HELP!

Treat everyone with respect, nobody should be mean to others. Stop and think before you say or do something that could hurt someone. Keep in mind that everyone is different, not better or worse, just different. Bullying causes many mental illnesses, it causes depression and anxiety, borderline, paranoia, leads to burnout, and causes many other physical/psychic diseases. Through bullying, I got depression and anxiety, paranoia, two broken ribs, and a broken nose.

Types of Bullying

Bullying does not always happen in person. cyber-bullying is a type of bullying that happens online or through text messages or even emails. There are things you can do to protect yourself. Always think about what you post. You never know what someone will forward. Being kind to others online who will help keep you safe. Do not share anything that could hurt someone. Think about who sees what you post online. Private settings let you control who sees what. If a hater is attacking you ignore him, block him, and report him. DON’T LISTEN TO THE HATER! They are just little cowards who hide behind their screens. They are jealous of your success. Tell yourself:

“Haters don’t hate you, they hate themselves. Because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be“. 

Bullying can cause long-lasting psychological and physical harm to victims. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be talked to. Be positive and positive things will happen.

All Ages of Geek’s Newest Writer Introducing Kayleigh (Kai) McRae

Hello fellow geeks and mafia members, welcome to my first article for All Ages of Geek. And today’s focus is none other than the 25-year-old college woman with a lot of free time, abundant depression, and a craving for anything covered in cheese, or snuggling with my Chiweenie Sugar whenever I’m too lazy to get out of bed. By popular demand, you have asked for me to introduce myself to all of you and now you are all stuck with me, welcome to my mind, don’t forget to leave a tip. So let’s get everything out of the closet where my sexuality used to stay and get this walking disaster under a microscope.

My Inner Geek

​For as long as I can remember I have had a large fascination with media, games, and literature. In my childhood, you would find me with my nose in a book, writing up future book projects, or gushing over my favorite television shows. Some examples are television shows such as Avatar: The Last Airbender, Invader Zim, Generator Rex, Teen Titans, and many more. 

I can’t give an example for books I’ve read because I’ve read thousands throughout my life, but the genres I am drawn to most are, anything with fantasy, original worlds, and extreme character diversity and charm. Or even things from a point of view you would never think of. The more out of the norm the better in my book. Which is also what got me into things like RWBY as well. I don’t want to ramble about games yet we can save that for another day. 

My personal projects also follow this pattern which I think is what lead me to like Katya so much and connecting with her the way I have. I’m sure many of you can relate.

How I found Katya

​Alright so long story short, I am the sort of person who enjoys seeing other people react to or experience the same things as me. It gives me a sense of connection to the world around me. And as an introverted young adult, of course, the internet became my obsessive addiction, like my mother and her feelings towards root-beer, and the piles of empty twelve pack cartons on the dining room table. Katya Stec met all of those requirements, my socially starved brain latched to her channel, like a parade of lovable puppies that I let run me over in excitement and cuteness. I started watching Kat when she was reacting to the Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared series, and her Detroit: Become Human let’s play series. And once she got into RWBY, I was too far gone to be saved, I was already in that corner of the neighborhood owned by our don. And I signed my contract in blood and started sporting the colors. 

RWBY is a show I have a huge attachment to, not just with it’s story and characters, but with being an anchor for me when I was at my lowest and most lost. It saved me, and funny enough upon finding Katya I was dangling from that edge again. But her videos gave me confidence and strength, and her words always seemed to give me a boost when I felt I would lose my grip on everything. I may be dramatic but this is the truth, and I know there are others like me in this mafia. Katya’s message struck a chord with me. Like a flash of lightning to a lightning rod. Fandom positivity! And what it means to be part of a community where you will not be attacked based on any theory, ship, or preference. And also the fact that she also has struggles that she had to overcome. And I am so glad she seems to have found her stride. And I will be running beside her.

My Story

But okay, you asked to learn more about me. Not just interests and hobbies. But what makes me human. Well here is the summary of the life of the formless blob known as Kayleigh McRae, and how she became a they, and how the journey began and where it leads.

As a young tiny bean, (yes Kat I know you are reading this.) I didn’t have many friends. In fact, most of my school experience was one bully routine to another. The time I was supposed to grow and learn, the time I was meant to make friends and socialize. I was isolated, alienated, and made an outsider. Why was I targeted you ask? No idea. But it really affected me. From the physical tortures such as hair pulling, pinching, pushing, even so far as locking me away into closets or bathroom stalls. To vocal jeers, about my appearance, my background, my behavior, my skills made into things to be ashamed of. My voice snuffed out. It got to the point where I moved from school to school. But the bullying seemed to follow. When you find that no one wants to give you a chance. When you are ignored, betrayed, strung along, played with, and abandoned. Trying to hold on to even one friend at a time. It makes you hate yourself. And sadly, it was exactly this sort of treatment as well as home issues that lead to me having Complex Personality Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder.

I spent my free time reading, trying to escape the real world, it was so bad that I didn’t feel human. I even wondered if I was there at all. Which as a child is the worst sort of state you can be in. Constantly afraid, constantly on edge. Constantly wondering if today is the day your friends finally decide to leave because they are tired of you. And I still do.

(TRIGGER WARNING: for anyone with depression or any mental illness be prepared I’m about to share things that can be triggering to some.)

As I said I am in college and for the past three years my scars that I’ve tried to hide from over 20 years of abuse, at the hands of people I was supposed to look to as peers and friends, reopened. Suddenly I couldn’t handle the strain. I found myself isolating myself, avoiding doing anything but sleep. I would wake up at night and suddenly want to pull my hair and bash my head into walls. I had severe panic attacks and severe anxiety. Sprinkled together with a part-time job, commuting, and a 30-hour course load. I just started giving in. And I ended up…contemplating ending it all. But then would be overwhelmed with the guilt of the thought and then the self-hatred would start. And it would be like this on loop. While trying to juggle my adult life. I couldn’t escape into books or making stories anymore. I was questioning my sexuality and preference at the time. Discovering past friendships that I wanted to be more than friendships only to see those people get together with others, and keeping silent. But I proudly can say now is that I am nonbinary/demisexual, and dating my amazing girlfriend. But at the time I was scared to come out, and that didn’t make anything better.

If you wonder why I didn’t reach out, I didn’t feel I was worth the effort. And why not confide in my mom? Well, I am a very emotional person, and my mother was a single parent. Kids cry, and my mom never realized how hard it could be. I wouldn’t let her, I didn’t want to hurt the other kids. Yes, it was a sort of Stockholm syndrome I had for my attackers. Not that she didn’t know a good deal of what happened, like me coming home crying every day of the year, but after a while, I started hiding the abuse from her. I didn’t want to burden my mother with my problems. Yes, I know it is her job as a mother, but she was the only person who loved me for me and I wasn’t going to let my problems hurt that.

But this story does have a happy path ahead. I am finally letting myself be myself, and discover myself in many ways. I am making friends, some from this very community. And thanks to Kat I can write again. And now, I hope my voice can help others. Either with stories that can take you away from the pain you experience, or as a hand to grasp when the world turns an eye. Be strong, be positive, and most importantly be yourself.

Anyways thank you for reading, and thus we conclude my introduction. Please feel free to tweet me at @FilmGeekGoddess on Twitter. And find me on the All Ages of Geek Discord as GeekGoddess2.0.

How To be a Supporter | All Ages of Geek

Tips on how to show support for your favorite content creators!

In this article I want to write about the importance of supporting a content creator, and what you can do to support your favorite content creator.

Support is very important for a creator, it’s motivating, it has a supportive effect and it is a praise for their good work. There are many things you can do to support your favorite content creator. Like and share the content, it helps to expand the range and is a compliment for their work. Follow them on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or subscribe to their YouTube or Twitch channels.

You can also support the creator with donations. Donations help to improve the equipment steadily, and help to produce more content with a higher quality. Donate only as much as you can do, don’t donate so much that you get financial problems. Help other community members, and try to spread as much Fandom Positivity as possible. Don’t try to attract attention with strange and intrusive comments. Believe me, you will achieve more with positivity than with strange intrusive comments. Always be yourself and stay positive, then you will eventually get the recognition for your support.

Accept the decisions of the content creator about the content. It does not help to challenge the decisions with hate comments. If you see that someone writes hate comments, get up and stand against it. Inform the content creator about it, and if necessary report the user. Constructive criticism is okay, as long as it is not offensive or hateful. Always be respectful in discussions.

Another important thing is, never publish and share your personal data! You never know what kind of person you are dealing with, always stay safe on the internet.  

There are many ways to support your favorite content creator, be creative. But most importantly, do not spread hate just because you’re jealous, disappointed, or something else. Be supportive, helpful, and above all things, always be positive. 

Spread as much positivity as possible!