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Willpower is something we use to do, well, anything and yet so few of us understand how powerful a gift from God willpower is. Think about it, there are stories of even the frailest of using willpower to lift cars off their loved ones after a car crash, there are stories of people on their deathbeds holding off death through sheer will to say goodbye to their loved ones. Why is free will the greatest gift God has given us? Because it is only through true free will that the power of willpower can be realized!

All of the things I mentioned come from the DESIRE to protect, to say the things you never could before to your loved ones, that is something that couldn’t be done to the extent that we can do it if it wasn’t out of desire and love to protect and do what you need to. Willpower has a strange way of blinding us to the point that we don’t think at all if the situation is dire enough, we simply try and succeed.

There’s an anime called Dragon Ball Super which shows this well in the latter parts when Goku enters a mindset called “Ultra Instinct”. When Goku enters this mindset on screen it’s always for one singular purpose, to protect his loved ones. Nothing else exists in his mind, there are no other enemies except the one in front of him, there is nothing that can distract him from his mission and there is no other mission than protecting his friends.

Though it’s shown an anime, we are completely capable of achieving this amount of willpower in real life. I myself must do it regularly due to many physical and mental health issues. I cannot and will not succumb to the very things I try to warn people against! I must make the choice that the purpose God has given me WILL be realized, I WILL protect those around me even if it means I get hurt or worse, I MUST not become who I was before I met Jesus and I must rely on His willpower to not go back to who I was.

But even if you don’t believe in God, willpower is still such a powerful tool. See your dream as something that MUST come true, see your loved ones as people you MUST protect and see your past self as someone who MUST remain in the past no matter what and use the gift of free will to change this world in ways everyone says you could never change it in ways that everyone said you couldn’t! More importantly, use it to change the world and the people in it because it will only get darker if those with strong will do not step up and use them.

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