Zombie Ape Land Review

NFTs are becoming extremely popular on the internet. More and more artists and creators are joining the metaverse and showing their art to the world. Hand-drawn art, digital art, photography, the possibilities are endless in the metaverse. Today we are going to chat all about Zombie Ape Land and what they have in store for you.

“Overcome banana shortages and antidote corrupted serums in Zombie Ape Land, an apocalyptic, P2E universe where 5555 Zombie Apes fight against their own mind. Join us on Discord and Twitter to stay updated with our latest developments.”

Coming to the Polygon Blockchain Zombie Ape Land is changing the metaverse. This P2E game allows your NFT to become a playable character. The great part about this is you will be able to purchase a NFT from Zombie Ape Land as well. Over on their website they have lore about the P2E game. This is a great addition because many P2E games fail to provide detail about their lore! This is great for any supporter because they get to learn more before they start playing. Now let’s chat about their amazing designs!

Their designs are incredibly detailed from most NFTs. With great line work and character expressions these NFTs do not shy away from true artistry. Fans of dark video games and cartoons will appreciate their look. You can find an ape with a skull head holding a rifle and even one wearing a hat with blood on his arms and chest. The possibilities are endless. The simple background colors make the character design stand out. The great detail in each NFT truly gives it a goorey and horror-like style. Perfect for fans of thrasher movies as well!

“$brains will be Zombie Ape’s currency. Staking your Zombie Ape will earn an amount of $token per day, you will also earn an additional $token. 1 $brain = 1 $brain, although a community member is free to create a liquidity pool if they wish.” Those who are interested in learning more about this project should go over to their website. They plan on releasing a roadmap soon as well which is a great way to see what they will do as they grow! 

With much to come in the future, fans of NFTs should consider checking out all of Zombie Ape Land links. There you will be able to read all about their project, view their designs, and maybe purchase your next big NFT. Support them today. You won’t regret it.

WEBSITE: https://zombieapeland.com/

TWITTER: https://mobile.twitter.com/ZombieApeLand

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/zombieapeland/

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