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Y Press Games Gets Gay with Orcs – Orc Covenant Kickstarter Press Release

Get ready to embark on a sensual adventure into a world of fantasy,  intrigue, and romance with the release of Orc Covenant, a NSFW Visual Novel  Dating Sim game, set to launch on Kickstarter on April 1st, 2023! 

Y Press Games saw previous success with the hugely popular orc character in their  Dear Monster game (he ended up getting his own route added to the game). Now  they’re going all in with orcs with Orc Covenant.  

Beautifully illustrated with hundreds of stunning images, the game takes players on  a journey through a realm of sultry elves and well-endowed orcs. Players can  choose to date the mature Chieftain Dagroth, his half-elf son Yundril, his younger  son Kurdan, or the charming Shaman Karn. 

But that’s not all! Orc Covenant also boasts an exciting storyline filled with political  intrigue, betrayal, and magic. The game’s main character, sorcerer elf Xareth, is  determined to take back his rightful place the ruler of Zellerwind. He needs the aid  of a strong army, and the orcs would fit the bill. The challenge is convincing these  burly beasts to help him. Lucky for Xareth, he’s sexy and knows how to charm. 

Orc Covenant offers players an immersive, unique gaming experience, with its  combination of a fantastic storyline, steamy romance, and a captivating visual  presentation. The Kickstarter campaign launching on April 1st will allow players to  support the game’s creators and help bring this one-of-a-kind experience to life. 

About Y Press Games 

Y Press Games, a visual novel developer, was founded in 2017 and strives to  publish gay visual novels that will appeal to gay men and fujoshi. The company has  published 13 games to date. 

Orc Covenant

Y Press Games  

Genre: Visual Novel 

Length: 150,000 Words 

CGs (Computer Graphics): 89 CGs with Numerous Variations Rating: Adults Only 

Release Date: Spring 2024 


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