Weird Official Pokémon Merch You Can Buy

Before I get into this article, what constitutes as “weird” in my opinion? After all, Pokémon could be considered weird by some. Personally, for this article, I am basing weird as something I do not think about when I think about Pokémon. This list will go from what I think is the least weird to the most weird. Interested in learning about Pokémon anatomy? Check the Pokenatomy Book out!

Number 5: Lapras Pokémon Sunset Pool Float (Price: $49.99 USD)

No going to lie, this thing is actually kind of cool. Imagine it! You are minding your own business at the pool and or beach, and you just see someone riding an inflatable Lapras without a care in the world. Personally, I don’t care for inflatables at the beach or pool, but I can see someone enjoying this!

Number 4: Pikachu Kitchen Spatulas (2 Pack) (Price: $19.99 USD)

Fan of Pokémon? Like to cook? Well the Pokémon Company has something for you! I don’t care what the utensils I use for cooking look like, but if you want to add some flare to your cooking equipment, I couldn’t think of anything better.

Number 3: Pokémon Holiday Poké Ball Tree Topper (Price: $19.99 USD)

Tired of the top of your Holiday tree being an angel or star? How about a Poké Ball. To be honest, I did not know that this was a market. To be fair, I have not seen many trees topped with a Poké Ball. Although, a tree topped with would look nice.

Number 2: Galarian Farfetch’d Leek Plush (Price: $34.99 USD)

Having plushes of your favorite Pokémon is understandable, but a Pokémon’s leek? Personally, I don’t know why they made this. I don’t know anyone who would buy this, at least I don’t think I know anyone who would buy one.

Number 1: Ball Guy Poké Plush – 12 1/2 in (Price: $19.99 USD)

Ok. Ball Guy was an ok NPC. They did their job well of giving the player a new type of Poké Ball at each gym. However, who decided “Yes! Ball Guy should have a plush!” I honestly don’t know who would buy this. IF you want to buy this, then go ahead! I won’t stop you. However, I would not buy this at all.

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