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We Interviewed Vtuber MinnowCandy!

1. How did you get into Vtubing?

I first got into vtubing three years ago! At the time I was just a PNG vtuber at the time and there was no proper word for it, I had my character and acted as the character I used. From there I noticed Nyanners using a model rather than doing covers and voicing over games, her and FoxyJowl are what got me into vtubing. From there I started looking for artists to commission a 3D model I had a few friends make me stand in models until I got the model I wanted, I did a Mini debut with the 3D model before I started the grind to get my current 2D model, Vtubing seemed like a fun way to act as a living breathing character that people could find comfort in

2. What inspired your design?

Minnow was actually made in the chat program IMVU haha, I used it a lot as a kid and thought why not use it to make a new OC as I lost interest in my old character, I thought a blue themed character would fit the ocean, Minnow was either going to be a Chinese dragon or a Great White Shark! Since I had always wanted a shark character I went with shark, I quickly commissioned a reference image then soon after I wanted a second outfit so I had a friend help me design an idol outfit! I thought water droplets/Seafoam would fit Minnow as she is loosely based off the little mermaid, Not only is she a great white but she’s also a siren,

3.What advice would you give to someone who wants to start Vtubing?

Try not to look at numbers! Looking at the numbers and how many viewers you have or don’t have could stress you out. Just have fun with it, also don’t feel like you need a model just start creating you don’t need a model to be a vtuber, sometimes you can do well with just having a png! One of my friends has no model he’s just a png vtuber and is now a partner on twitch! You also don’t need lore at first honestly Minnows lore is still a WIP (work in progress) you can do well with just your character After your debut you’ll see a small drop in numbers but don’t let that stop you from doing what you love, Stay humble I’ve seen some people let vtubing get to their heads and they lose sight and even ditch friends because they get full of themselves, make sure your streams and community is a safe place for all to enjoy

4.What are your plans for 2021?

Honestly, I would love to hit Partner on Twitch! It’s been a dream of mine for years, since I started in fact. It’s hard work and I find myself struggling between vtubing and my real job but with enough hard work I know I can do it! I would also have a redebut with a model that has a new outfit or two. There was things left out of my first debut that I wish I could have included in my first debut, I would love to save enough to get a Christmas outfit as well, I want to be able to do more collabs and met opther vtubers in person, which thankfully I’ll be meeting up with another vtuber in June. My main goal is to reach partner by the end of 2021

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