We Interviewed Vtuber Faeneth!

We had the pleasure of intervieweing @Fae_Works all about their journey!

1. What inspired you to become a Vtuber?

I love art and the junction between art and technology fascinated me! That was enough for me to watch and desire to make my model, but it was my desire to make friends that really helped me make the jump. I am a very shy being, and I prefer when people stream with some sort of visual reference, so streaming with a model was a perfect solution for me!

2. Tell us about your model!

So, my model is basically me; the black hair, eyes, skin color, ect, with traditional unicorn aspects. The unicorn has been attributed to me in multiple ways in my life so being a unicorn was not even a question. Now, I adore the movie and book ‘The Last Unicorn’, so some influence was pulled from there, design and lore wise, but only just. The clothing is inspired off a dress that I have but fully dressed up and made truly royal. I chose red as I felt it gave a rather classic look with the other main colors found in my design, those being white, black, and red.

3.What is the best part about being a Vtuber?

The friends. I have met such wonderful people as I have started to reach out into the community. Of course, there are bad sides to any group of people, but I have not personally had any issues meeting very friendly and accepting people! The diverse groups that can truly flourish here is wonderful! Neurodivergent, disabled, POC, and LGBT+ members seem to thrive here, and I truly want to see even more of all these people’s flourish!

4. What would you tell someone who wants to become a Vtuber? Any advice?

It may be very tempting to go all out and spend great amounts of money to get high quality assets and models, but I would preach temperance. If you have not yet streamed, I would suggest starting off small. Have or make a PNG to test your waters. Make your own assets, find what makes you happy! Take your time and find your style. I would also suggest making friends but in a true and honest way. Some may think they need to make connections, which I will acknowledge is important, but forget that those are people too. Do not use people. Other than that, spread the word on many different socials! Study and learn the proper tags to use on each. This will help you garner interest over time!

5. Goals for this year?

My goals are to reach affiliate on Twitch before I debut. I would love to make and strengthen even more friendships! Perhaps being able to supplement my ER job with my VTubing career would be amazing for my health, as my anxiety and Gastroparesis can make working outside of the home a bit difficult.

6. Where can people support you?

I am mostly active on Twitter at Fae_Works, but I have a Carrd that links you to all my socials, from my Twitch, YouTube, Throne, and even my Etsy shop! You can usually find me as either my brand name, FaeWorks, or my name, Faeneth! I have a book that I am trying to get published so keep an eye out for that!

learn more here: https://t.co/2PVCgxQvrw

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