We Interviewed Vtuber Drymilk583

We had the pleasure of talking to Drymilk583 all about being a Vtuber!


What inspired you to become a Vtuber?

What inspired me so i dont know if you wanna edit it so ill censor some of it but i was in an abusive relationship and so close to getting kicked out of my house thanks to some grades i was supper depressed and suicidal one day i find a little vtuber called ironmouse and i fall in love with her streams ot helped me in a really dark time fast forward to july 22 of 2020 and im still extremely sad but i start my first stream with the help some some fellow indie vtubers

2. Tell us about your model!

My model is in the middle of change so ill go with the new one his name is “Leavitt Ve Dracov” And he is a rich vampire kid who got board and started running a gang in the slums to entertain himself and calles himself Drymilk583

3.What is the best part about being a Vtuber?

Honestly the best part of being a vtuber is helping people and talking to people with out them looking at me and creating an opinion Apon how i look our my age

4. What would you tell someone who wants to become a Vtuber? Any advice?

Its a hard journey and its not something you can go half as$ed on you have to put hard work dedication and drive into it and love the work and platform or you will burnout fast

5. Goals for this year?

I really have 3 goals hit 100 followers get affiliated and get the whole amount to buy my commission for my new model

6. Where can people support you?

You can support me on twitch:I’m live on Twitch, come hang out! https://twitch.tv/drymilk583?sr=a. And join my discord and chill https://discord.gg/8TpcWztS

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