We Interviewed Vtuber Aria Canadh

We had the pleasure of chatting with Aria Canadh all about their journey as a Vtuber!

1. What inspired you to become a Vtuber?

I’ve wanted to be a vtuber since Kizuna AI came on the scene a few years back, and briefly under another account, I did some streaming as a vtuber. But when I eventually realized I was transgender about a year ago, I wanted to start over from scratch. New identity, new channel. As for particular inspirations, I would have to credit Ironmouse. Her strength and joy when dealing with things I can hardly even fathom is a huge inspiration to me.

2. Tell us about your model!

My model came about from three specific sources. The pirate theme is because I personally love the sea and have always had an obsession with pirates. The dragon part came about because my character in Final Fantasy XIV is a dragon girl, and as the very first game I played after coming out, I wanted to honor that. The last bit comes from the colors of the trans pride flag. I decided there’s not enough overt trans representation in media, so I would be that representation. The model itself was created by Art Circle R on Etsy. They’re a great company to work with and always friendly.

3. What is the best part about being a Vtuber?

The best part of being a vtuber is absolutely the community. I can always trust someone to come in and say hi and tell me how they’re doing today. From there we might joke around or talk about the game, in my most recent stream we discussed our favorite animes and what we liked about them. I especially love how no matter how big or small a vtuber is, they are always happy to see someone in chat. Go find someone and make their day!

4. What would you tell someone who wants to become a Vtuber? Any advice?

If someone wants to be a vtuber and knows for certain it’s what they want, I’d say go for it. If you’re not certain, I’d suggest getting a PNG and having it react to your talking, just be a PNGtuber for a bit and see how you like it. Vtubing is expensive to start, so if you’re not absolutely certain it’s for you, it’s okay to start small before buying a full blown model.

5. Goals for this year?

Goals for this year! Hit affiliate! I’m getting that one done this weekend actually! Past that, my goal is to have 500 followers on Twitch and twice that on Twitter. With 5 months to go, I think I stand a good chance of hitting one or both!

6. Where can people support you?

If you’re interested in supporting my stream, come hang out at https://twitch.tv/theunsungaria. If you want to check up on the channel as a whole, I make announcements and memes on Twitter. It’s also a good place to reach out if you want to get in contact with me. That’s @AriaCanaVTuber. Following one or both is a massive, massive help to me and I deeply appreciate everyone who does. As always, thank you so much for reading through and allowing me to be myself. Have a great day, and I hope you get everything you desire from life

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