We Interviewed Voice Actor Stefanie Kat!

We had the pleasure of chatting with Stefanie Kat all about voice acting. Be sure to check it out if you are interested in learning more about their journey, inspirations, goals, and more!

1. Tell us about being a voice actor? What inspired you to start?

I was one of those kids who grew up with Disney and cartoons on general and when I got a bit older I started getting into anime and was inspired by voice acting legends like Steve Blume, Keith David, Cristina Vee and especially Australian talent like Claudia Black. But Australia didn’t have as big of a voice over industry so I was very disheartened to even try. It wasn’t until around lockdowns started and I saw other Australian voice over talent breaking into the anime scene it literally lit a fire in me and I knew I had to to try! I then started taking acting classes, did a beginners voice over work shop with Andy Wells and Cecelia Ramsdale, joined Twitter and some casting call sites like casting call club,got a usb microphone and took it from there!

2. What has been your biggest success story as an actor?

Hmm so far that I can say is my first indie animation project that gave me my 1st IMDB credit and that I got to write and perform the theme song for!

3. Goals for 2024?

My 2024 goals are to keep honing my acting skills, get a commercial demo reel made, get into more talent pools and rosters, collab more with my peers, and try audition more and more roles and voice over work is always welcome!

4. Tell us about a fun experience you had as a voice actor?

The first time when I got to step into a studio recording booth, it was for a workshop but it was such a blast!

5. Dream role?

Hmm I have a few but I’d really love to play a magical girl! And I’d also love to play a Greek/ Greek mythological character! Those roles would be literal dreams come true!

6. Advice for new actors?

I’d definitely say take some sort of general acting classes or a voice over work shop. Really get a good feel for the job in q low risk learning environment before you start investing in any kind of equipment and set up. It’s a grind of a job at the very beginning so you really need a strong firey passion to pull through!

7. Where can people support your work?

If they’d like to, they can always follow me on my twitter @StefanieKatVA or instagram stefanie_kat_vo and keep an eye out for role announcements and check out the projects themselves when they’re out in the world!

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