We Interviewed Voice Actor Lindsay Sheppard!

Hello everyone it’s me,  MinaRose2023 here, with another awesome interview this time with the awesome sweet and amazing Lindsay Sheppard

Hello Lindsay! How are you doing today?
Doing great!  Thanks for asking!

When did you begin acting?
I began taking acting classes in High School but didn’t pursue voice acting until after college.

What drove you to become an actress?

I always loved animation since I was a child, and decided to go to college to become an animator.  While I was in college I fell in love with voice acting for our student projects and decided to pursue that instead when I graduated.  

When did you start pursuing Voice Acting?
I started as a hobbyist in 2001 and then went full time in 2008.

What is it like voicing for anime, games and other forms of voice acting?
It is incredible.  I love the freedom of being able to live in all these different worlds and experience life as all these different characters.  Learning their emotions, what drives them, how they react in different situations.  It’s so fun!

What advice do you have for people wanting to get into voice acting?
Make sure to study with a coach when you are able.  If you can study with multiple coaches that’s even better, since everyone has different life experiences and you can take away something valuable with each person you work with.  Also, take acting classes whenever you can.  Lots of community colleges offer these types of classes.  Improv classes are great too, as well as singing lessons to help your vocal control.

What’s it like voice acting with disabilities?
The acting part itself lends itself well to my autism, since voice acting is my special interest.  As someone who spent a lot of time masking my symptoms and blending in to neurotypical society, jumping into these characters comes pretty natural to me. The difficult part is understanding the social aspect of the business.  Developing client relationships, knowing the proper questions to ask, etc, does take some time to understand. 

How do you manage real life with your voice acting job?
Since I am self employed as a voice actress I am able to make my own schedule which lends itself well to family life.  Being able to work around my kids schedules, take a vacation if I want to (even if it is 10 years between breaks. Ha!) My social life suffers sometimes since I tend to work long hours since I love the job so much.  

Which voice actor/actress inspired you?
I grew up watching all the Kids WB shows.  Pinky & the Brain was my absolute favorite!  Rob Paulsen was a huge inspiration to me growing up and seeing all the ways he could change his voice to fit all these different characters was absolutely fascinating to me! 

How’s it feel to voice Claire Francois?

I feel incredibly honored to voice Claire.  Being part of the ILTV community has been truly special and something that I will hold close to my heart forever.

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