We Interviewed Voice Actor Lanna Rose!

We had the pleasure of interviewing voice actor Lanna Rose all about being a voice actor! You can learn more about the industry, Lanna’s inspirations, goals, and her creative journey!

1.What initially inspired you to become a creator, and how has that inspiration evolved throughout your creative journey?

Initially I started my voice acting journey when I was 15 after years of watching Minecraft role plays especially Aphmau’s. The sheer emotion and talent from the Voice Actors made me think that maybe I could do this too. From this whole ordeal I started to apply for some voice over jobs in others roleplays only using my old phone microphone. Once I hit my final years of high school into the start of college I started to lose interest because my studies eventually took over which meant I couldn’t make a lot of time to do voice acting anymore. 

However this all changed when I was given a proper voice over microphone for Christmas and now with this I knew I could properly make it work in the Voice Acting community and I haven’t looked back since! 

2.Can you share a specific moment or experience that fueled your passion for your current creative project?

I remember this so very clearly! I auditioned one day for a fandub series and when I was accepted I was asked to join a discord server! I started to practice lip syncing and had a few ADR sessions to help improve my emotional performances. From this one server I met so many wonderful people who helped me improve and even invited me to audition for some more projects to help with experience. I have much love for them and I wouldn’t be where I am without them! 

3.What challenges have you encountered as an indie creator, and how have they shaped your approach to your work?

First off the Voice Acting community can be so lovely but there are also a few corners where it can be a strange and damaging time especially for mental health. Finding projects that progress at a steady pace can be hard. But once you start digging and find some that you’re interested in but also that treat you decently can make it so worthwhile! Even though I have experienced some negative situations along the way I use that to power on within the industry!

4.Are there any particular creators who have significantly influenced your style or approach? How do you incorporate those influences into your own unique voice?

If I’m being completely honest, when I was younger the dynamic voice acting from the Shrek movies influenced the different voices I would do when playing video games. Just any animated movies or tv shows that I would watch would influence the range of voices I’m able to do nowadays! For the range that I’ve acquired it took a lot of practice and looking in the mirror to make sure I could always replicate it in case a role requires it. The fact that I can voice a small child but also a deep voiced leader really makes me think about the progress I have made throughout the years! 

5. How do you navigate the balance between staying true to your artistic vision and adapting to feedback from your audience or collaborators?

With all the projects that I have been apart of in the past and also in the present I have always let the directors give me any feedback that they think is necessary. However to really balance this out it must come from feedback from both sides. The director and the voice actor. Recently there was a situation where the feedback affected me in ways that made me want to give up voice acting because of the way it was handled within the project. But with the help of fellow vas from the same project I was able to find a healthy balance by having positive experiences with other amazing directors during sessions and coaching! 

6.Can you recall a memorable success story or milestone in your indie creator journey that stands out as a turning point for you?

A story of success that had really made a positive impact on my journey was when I was chosen to voice in an upcoming horror game! When I auditioned for roles in the past it would always be in an American accent even though I am originally British. So when I got the email through that I had been cast my happiness was through the roof! Truly I was ecstatic! It really helped me be optimistic that I was good enough to truly get onboard more professional projects that could potentially start my Voice Acting career off! 

7.What role do setbacks or failures play in your creative process, and how do you overcome them to keep moving forward?

Unfortunately in this industry you will get rejection emails more than you would get acceptance ones. And even though that is a tough to accept once you learn this I’m not saying it’s a breeze but it does help personally me deal with things a lot easier. Although at times rejection can feel like a kick in the stomach it helps us realise that trying once isn’t enough and that with practice and patience the right opportunity will come to you when you least expect it! 

8. How do you manage your time and energy to sustain a consistent creative output while juggling other aspects of life?

For me Voice Acting is but a hobby whilst I complete my university degree in Criminology. When I do have free time it’s very fun to do and even though I am still studying for a degree I split my time between the both of them. Although it has to be said sometimes there are times where you will need to prioritise one or the other and there can be no way to stop this but if you communicate in a way that it can help others understand that’s all the matters because hey sometimes life does get in the way. No matter how hard you try to make the balance perfect it will never be as nothing is ever truly perfect. But all you can do is try your best! 

9.Have you found any unexpected joys or rewards in the indie creator community, and how has it contributed to your overall experience?

Throughout the industry there are so many opportunities paid and unpaid that can enhance the experience that I personally thrive on as even though I don’t voice act full time I can use this experience to help further my career if I ever wanted to. Some extra income for a student like me will never not be appreciated and unpaid work will always be welcome by me!

What’s also rewarding is the friends and people I’ve met along the way as they have made my time in the industry so enjoyable that I actually look forward to handing in lines and playing different characters! 

10.If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring creators, what would it be based on your own lessons learned?

Never give up. Now you may say this is so cliche but I fully believe this can help improve any experience. Even when I’ve had bad feelings about different projects or even if I think an audition went badly I’d still submit and contribute just in case there was a small inkling of a chance that I could be apart of them. Even though I have had some experiences that have affected my mental health to the point I never wanted to return the people I met along the way encouraged me to continue and I’m so glad they did because I wouldn’t be where I am today without this. And hey if you even need some advice or encouragement reach out to me and I’m always happy to help! 

11. What are your thoughts on All Ages of Geek? What are some things we should change/do? What are something you enjoy about our website?

For me you guys are awesome! The fact that I was able to be interviewed and share my experience with people because of you guys is a dream come true! Keep doing what you’re doing because you are smashing it! The other stories are so inspiring to me and so many! So thank you for sharing them with us! 

12. Goals for 2024?

To keep helping people start their Voice Acting career whatever they may need! But to also be able to show my audio drama to people across the world! Being a director and voice actor isn’t easy but I make it work somehow! I’d love to work on more indie animations and be able to bring new and upcoming characters to life! Not just for 2024 but also for the future. I’d love to have a proper vocal booth and even upgrade my current equipment through working hard! 



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