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We Interviewed Voice Actor Edward Saba

We had the pleasure of interviewing Edward Saba all about being a voice actor!

1. What inspired you to become a voice actor?

Answer: Honestly, it’s because of VA’s like Tom Kenny, Ray Chase, Bryce, Laura, I could go on and on, bringing life into characters and having a blast, just big geeks and nerd being silly and loving what they’re doing. I always enjoy just being in my booth, plus my family always said how I used to make voices by myself or with my toys so hahah.

2. Can you describe your process for preparing for a voice acting role?

Answer: I just walk in, think, imagine and then BOOM! I’m in!

3. What has been your biggest challenge as a voice actor and how have you overcome it?

Answer: Always either comparing myself to others, sometimes feeling down when I see others succeeding when I haven’t done well. I always audition and haven’t booked a role or feeling like they hated my voice, jealousy, these are all feelings that everyone is going to experience in this career path, no avoiding it.

4. Can you tell us about a particularly memorable project you’ve worked on and why it stands out to you?

Answer: Hmm, I don’t think I’ve had one yet, I’m still getting my feet wet!

5. How do you handle the pressure of performing in front of a microphone?

Answer: I actually haven’t had that experience yet! I hope I do, though, so I can overcome it!

6. Can you share any advice for aspiring voice actors just starting out in the industry?

Answer: Don’t come in thinking this is going to be easy or you’ll get everything all at once, sure you might book a role right off the fly, good! But don’t expect it to always be like that, Many VA’s have sent over 80+ auditions and never booked any or just booked only one or never get a role for years or get recasted, you need to prepare for hurt in this

7. Can you tell us about a time when you had to adapt to a new character or voice?

Answer: Uh yeah, once I had to do a really raspy voice or get all deep tone for a villain. I don’t really see myself getting a raspy character or a villain, so it was fun trying it out!

8. How do you stay motivated and engaged during long recording sessions?

Answer: Haven’t experienced that yet unless you count demo reels, in that I just prepare myself for a good demo showcase!

9. Can you tell us about an experience you had while working on a project where you had to improvise or come up with an unexpected solution?

Answer: Hmmm… sadly haven’t had this happen yet!

10. Can you share a funny or interesting story from your time as a voice actor?

Answer: Someone thought I was in Genshin Impact and Fire Emblem once, oh, I WISH ahah, that’s a dream of mine!

11. Can you share your favorite voice acting moment or performance?

Answer: Definitely when voicing Iggy Koopa in fan dubs, such a crazy guy hahahah!

12. Can you tell us about a voice acting project you turned down and why?

Answer: Not that I can remember, but if I see any red flags, I turn it down fast.

13. How do you keep your voice in good condition for voice acting?

Answer: WATER!

14. Can you tell us about a time when you had to take on a role that was completely different from what you were used to?

Answer: Yeah, I’m voicing a villain in a game, I’m way too nice to voice a villain, but I took the role on and I had fun because he’s a bragging villain, not a sadistic villain, but hey, I’m playing a villain!

15. What are your thoughts on All Ages of Geek and what can we improve on to make it a better platform?

Answer: You guys supporting small indie devs is highly important because they always feel like they can never compete with bigger games and they’re just like any game dev, wanting to get themselves out there. Maybe try doing a game testing video or development storyline!

16. Where can people find you online?

Answer: On my Twitter @EdwardSabaVO or check out my YouTube Channel MarioKartGamerDude!

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