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We Interviewed the Creator of Tinysoul

We had the pleasure of interviewing the creator behind Tinysoul a 2D battle simulator game. Be sure to check out their work HERE and be on the lookout for a future Patreon and Kickstarter.

1. Tell us about Tinysoul

I used to be a teacher and tinysoul was the name for my handout material and that started to evolve into the game world!

2. What inspires your work?

I was inspired by dungeon keeper back in the day – the first version of tinysoul was a dungoen keeper clone and it later evolved into the battle simulator

3. What inpsires some of your animations? How do you come up with the concepts?

The concepts for characters are usually element + animal, animal + animal and recently have started meme + curse for characters

4. Goals for 2024?

Goals for 2024 is get the patreon and kickstarter underway

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