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1. Tell us about your game!

Hi, thanks for asking about my game! “The Last Humble Bee” is a survivors-like adventure where you swashbuckle, bounce, and barrel-blast through a desaturated pixel-art world to “Save the Bees” from extinction! The art, design, and music is inspired by old 16-bit SNES games, with gameplay influenced by all of the new, exciting rogue-like ARPG games that have been coming out! It’s got a lot of heart, a custom deck-building system to manage upgrades, and interesting, hand-crafted levels that are fun to explore and get lost in.

2. What are your Goals for your game this year?

By the end of the 2023, I should have a solid demo ready for player feedback! Before then, I’m excited to get my musical instruments out to generate some retro-inspired 16-bit music. I’m also fleshing out the gameplay loops and generating more weapon and upgrade choices, which is a lot of fun.

3. Where did you get your inspiration?

I was actually going through a very difficult time in 2022 — My father passed away and it felt like a lot of color from my world had dissipated. I recently had released “Bass Monkey”, my previous, goofy hack n’ slash platformer, and I NEEDED something new to work on to keep my mind busy while my dad got more and more sick. He always loved this brand of apple, called “Sugar Bee” apples, and for some reason, I kept seeing bees everywhere. In real life, online, everywhere. And I started imagining this bright yellow bee, the last of his kind, going on a grand adventure through a de-saturated world to save the rest of the bees. You see, usually I’m an optimistic, happy-go-lucky guy! So I think some silly humor and darker themes provide interesting contrast. This background, coupled with my love of retro games like “Donkey Kong Country” and “Sonic”, pixel art games like “Hyper Light Drifter”, and the rise of “Vampire Survivors” and other survivors-like games, I think “The Last Humble Bee” will bring an interesting take on the action rogue-like genre.

4. what are some struggles you’ve faced by creating a game?

Well, sometimes every day can be a struggle when making a game! hahah But seriously, game dev is my passion. I have a full time job as a medical writer, so I work on my game in my spare time. I struggle with burnout, figuring out what to prioritize, finding a community, and getting the word out about my game (which is why I’m so happy that All Ages of Geek reached out to me!) However, I get through these struggles by working on having healthy habits, not taking life too seriously, and having talks with my wife, friends, and family.

5. Biggest success story?

My biggest game dev success story has got to be releasing my first “commercial game”, Bass Monkey, for free on Steam in 2022. A surprising amount of people played it, and I made the whole thing by myself! It’s a goofy little ~45 minute game, but I’m super proud of it and actually think it’s pretty fun.

6. Where can people support you and your work?

Wishlist The Last Humble Bee on Steam! Wishlisting games seriously helps us indie game devs. You can also join my email list on my website (http://yakobsoup.com) and I’ll send you the soundtrack to my first game, “Bass Monkey”! This will make sure that when the demo is ready, I can let you know so you all can play it and give me feedback so I can grow into a better developer 🙂 Anyone reading this can please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]. I reply to every message and am always happy to chat.

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