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We Interviewed the CEO of Moshie Studio

We interviewed the CEO of Moshie Studio all about their work!


1. What are the steps to creating a VTuber Model?

M: First I make the sketch… depending on whether it’s an existing character design, or a new one, this can take more or less time. Once the sketch is sent to the client by manager-san, and approved, I work on the lineart. This process is particularly tough because it’s when I will have to create the entire layer hierarchy of the model. An average fullbody model can easily surpass 2000 layers. Once the lineart is done, I add the base color and manager-san sends a preview to the client… once approved, I work on the coloring and shading. This is the most fun part for me, since the model pretty much comes to life in front of my eyes. Now, after I finish the artwork and the client approves the final artwork preview, I work on the facial expressions and gestures. Lastly, once the client approves, it will be scheduled for rigging… and that part is usually something I don’t have a lot to do with, unless rigger-san needs something fixed in the model. Communication is quick and efficient, so this is just part of the job for me.

2. What has been one of your favorite projects to work on?

M: whenever I get to create a brand new character design, it’s specially challenging and fun, because usually, clients come to us with an existing character design, but they want a new outfit. It’s not often that I get the creative freedom to create something brand new. I feel like it keeps me out of my comfort zone and helps me grow as an artist; because I don’t just have to fulfill the client request, but I also get to put my own personal twist in the new character design that I create. Every time I get to design a model from scratch, I think: “I have to make this look so cool, that I would want to use it for myself” (although honestly, I employ this mindset on every model I work on).

3. When others commission you, what should they have in mind before reaching out?

M: First, I encourage them to read the Moshie Studio FAQ and ToS – check our social media and the projects we’ve worked on. Also, I think it’s essential to collect good references in advance (especially if you want a new character), so they have a collage describing what they want us to create.

4. What inspires your style?

M: Uff… many things. I see myself being influenced by japanese artists a lot. I’m always on the loop of newer styles or techniques when it comes to coloring and shading. I’m also influenced by many visual novels and the way their CGs are colored. I like my characters to look bright, vibrant, having big eyes, with fluffy hair, and I love cool and cute designs equally. Whenever I’m not inspired to draw, I usually check Pixiv, japanese Twitter or art streams. This always inspires me to draw and experiment.

5. Where can people support your work?

M: My VTuber debut is coming soon, so I’m hoping that anybody who admires my work can support me there. I had to stop streaming last summer because a close relative was diagnosed with cancer and I didn’t have the mindset to create content. Fortunately they are now on remission, but this affected my streaming career… once my relative was out of the woods, I started working fulltime on my redebut with a brand new character design, which I hope people prefer to the older one, since I feel the new design represents me more and better. I’ll also be more active on YouTube and TikTok creating content, so all in all there will be many ways of staying close and supporting my work and content besides commissioning a Live2D model from Moshie Studio.

6. What are some goals you have for 2022?

M: Re-debuting and streaming again, recovering my average viewership and watch my community grow back. Keep improving my artstyle (since I think a constant artist never keeps improving) and don’t fall into same-face syndrome, and getting to a point where people see a model made by me and they can immediately go “that’s a Moshie model”.

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