We Interviewed CottoneeSocks!

We interviewed CottoneeSocks all about their work!


1. How long have you been creating miniatures? What inspires your work?

I picked up my first pack of clay and started making miniatures in 2015! I was struggling to enjoy art in school (thanks to anxiety) and wanted to try something new, without any pressure or expectations. Fantasy worlds have always heavily inspired what I create, so I guess it’s no surprise that my sculptures focus on bringing creatures and monsters to life. Yet even though The Sims has its core gameplay rooted in reality, it has always been my favourite game and the quirky critters such as cowplants and freezer bunnies, hold a very special place in my heart!

2. What are some of your proudest moments as a crafter?

Finally creating a fully grown cowplant was a proud moment for sure! It was my first big sculpture and now I just want to have a TALK with whoever designed them, because their centre of gravity was problematic to say the least!! Some more incredible highlights include creating a whole herd of individually designed mini cowplants for the one and only SimGuruNinja, and collaborating with The Sims for their 22nd Birthday was a real pinch me moment. Such an honour and a joy to work with them!

3. What Sims game is your personal favorite?

The Sims 3! Open worlds give the game so much life, plus the traits and aspiration system makes sims themselves feel unique. It’s so rich with personality! I also have a soft spot for Sims 2, as it was my first game and inspired me to discover the possibilities of creativity through story telling. I was pretty young when I played it though, and was completely oblivious to the scandalous neighbourhood drama haha

4. Tell us about your cowplants, how long do they take to make? When do you typically restock?

Each cowplant probably takes around 2 hours to make, but it’s hard to tell as I make them in groups! For the past year or so I’ve been creating as many as I can, listing them all for adoption about once a month, then I start again making more! Chronic illness means I can’t plan restock dates super far in advance, but I always announce shop updates on social media at least a week before mini cowplants are available. Coming up with their seasonal designs has been a lot of fun, but my favourite thing is to imagine new native cowplants variants for all the in-game worlds!

5. What are your goals for this year?

This year I really want to get started on YouTube. So here’s hoping now I’ve said it out loud I’ll hold myself accountable! Plus I’m really eager to work on a few more larger sculpts, one of which I currently have in progress, but creating video content is a whole new skillset. Nobody tells you how awkward it is to sculpt with a tripod in the way! But I’m excited, I have a lot of project ideas and a sketchbook full of plans. All I can say is my current WIP might require me find an actual cookbook and attempt to bake a real life cake!

6. Where can people support your work?

My website and shop can be found at https://cottoneesocks.com and I share pictures, updates and creative/sims ramblings on Instagram and Twitter (both @CottoneeSocks) Feel free to stop by and say hi or take a peek at whatever cowplant chaos is currently growing in my studio!

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