We Interviewed Artist Red

We had the pleasure of interviewing artist Red all about his work. Red will be working with All Ages of Geek as an animator for projects such as Galaxy-Boy Delivery, I Married a Monster on a Hill, and other upcoming projects. Check out the interview all about being an independent artist and be sure to contact him if you are in need of art!

You can also support him HERE!

1. How long have you been creating art?

I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember. I remember picking up a bunch of crayons when I was very little and it’s been downhill from there (JK). 

I’ve been drawing casually, making stories and comics all throughout high school but when I actually started to take art seriously was when I was 27, after I quit my game development job and decided to focus on art, creating comics, and trying to make that my career. 

2. What inspires your work?

Much of my work is inspired by the things I saw growing up. I live in a small town, with not that many people to relate to, so I have this thirst for knowing things far beyond me. I also had a great mixed base of western and eastern inspiration, from the cartoons I watched as a kid which is why I think my style is sort of an anime-western hybrid.

3. What advice would you give to new artists?

It’s never the tools. It’s mostly technique. 

I used to look in awe at my friends who could produce such amazing art, and made a foolish assessment that the reason why they could do it was because they had this amazing Wacom Intuous Tablet only to get handed down that exact Wacom tablet when my friend left the country as a farewell gift. 

I couldn’t really make anything good out of it. I had to relearn a lot of things, even when I had been drawing for a long time. If I had a better grasp of the basics, the transition would have never been that hard.

(Without context, here is my first ever drawing with that same tablet. It’s horrible.)

4. How long have you been animating? Any recent projects?

Artist Lyf : An Animation Short | Red Animation

I have been animating for about 10 years now. As a hobbyist for more than that I suppose. I mentioned I worked with video games before, and I had experience with making sprites and character animations in 3d and 2d. I’ve been making shorts as a side hobby as well, including this one, but I’ve made lofi animations and animatics too. 

(They don’t quite hold up as much these days.)

5. Goals for 2023?

For 2023, I wanna be a grow and become more of a self-sustaining creator. Right now, I’ve been working a lot of jobs, just trying to pay bills, but my goal is to have the art pay for my bills. It won’t be easy, but I hope I can get there. Currently, I’m building a one-shot comic, and have a Youtube Channel that is mostly variety game content, and I’m hoping at least one of those get traction. 

6. Where can people support your work?

@RedOgna on Twitter
Red Time on Youtube

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