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We Interviewed Artist Dae!

We had the pleasure of interviewing artist and gamer Dae all about their work! Check them out HERE!

1. Tell us what it is like to being an artist?

It’s great. It’s a ton of hard work, don’t get me wrong, but I love creating and I love being able to take my own ideas or those of other people and bring them to life. There’s always new things to learn or improve on, and nothing can match the joy I that comes when something I create really resonates with people.

2. What inspires your work?

My inspiration comes from a ton of different places; of course there’s things like video games and my favorite characters, but also just real life environments or locations I find interesting. I would say the biggest inspiration for me currently though, is colors. Nothing makes me want to create more than seeing interesting colors or lighting, and just wanting to capture the emotions or mood that I associate with it.

3. How long have you been creating?

I’ve been creating and drawing art for my whole life, but I really started getting serious about art back in 2016-2017.

4. Goals for 2023?

I don’t have too many specific goals for 2023, but in the new year I definitely want to keep learning new things and stepping out of my comfort zone, as well as increase the speed at which I am able to produce illustrations. I hope to be able to create a wide range of art, as well as draw more fanart of my favorite series and characters.

5. What are your longterm goals as an artist?

I’m largely still figuring out what I want to do with my art longterm, but the broad goal is that I’d love for my art to be able to reach a lot of people, and I’d love to collaborate with a larger team on at least one big project. I’d love to be able to be a part of a team working on some form of media such as games or animation, but overall I’d just love to learn so much more and be able to expand the reaches of what I can do with my art.

6. What are you currently working on?

I’ve just finished a 2-month long drawing challenge, so I’m currently working on some personal projects that got pushed aside during that time, as well as participating in a couple fanzines. I’ve got lots of fanart in the works and I hope to be able to create some new merch items soon, as well.

7. Where can people support your work?

f people want to support me or my work, they can find me on twitter or instagram under @ _Daeyumi_ ! I’m working on getting a new shop set up as well, so people will be able to purchase prints of my art!

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