Carissa Jackson Interview with All Ages of Geek

We Interviewed Artist Carissa Jackson (guppies)

Get ready to dive into a colorful world of creativity with Carissa Jackson, the LA-based artist! In this interview, we’ll explore what inspires her work, how she found her style and much more!

Tell us about your work! What inspires you?

I draw a wide range of illustrations varying from silly drawings of Pikachu drinking a Modelo to large city landscapes. I am mostly inspired by nostalgic media in my life but no matter what I draw, I just want to create something that will make people happy. As cheesy as that sounds, it’s something that videogames, cartoons, and music have always done for me, and I want to be able to do that for someone else! Those little happy moments meant the world to me, especially when I am having a tough time.

You have a great style! How did you figure out your art style?

Aww, thank you! I have been an illustrator for many years but never really settled on a consistent style until about a year and a half ago! Funnily enough, I was primarily an oil painter who mostly painted scary things and now I feel like I am the complete opposite. Once I bought an iPad with Procreate, I fully switched over to digital. I think what really helped me settle on a style was just looking and studying art that I liked. I would literally write notes down what parts are successful from multiple pieces and mesh them all together to formulate my original style. After that, it’s all about being consistent and learning the rules you created about your style!

Goals for 2024?

I am currently working part-time for my family’s business to help them out while taking freelance work when I can but I really want to quit and give full-time illustration a chance! Some goals I want to achieve next year include making apparel, painting a mural, being in an art exhibit, and working on a video game.

Greatest success story as an illustrator?

I fortunately got to work with one of my favorite esports teams, Cloud9, on some illustrations and merch! I also recently designed album art for an artist that I have followed for years (it’s not released yet so keep a look out!)

Where can folks support your work?

You can support me by following my socials on Instagram: @guppiess and on Twitter (username?): @guppiesz. I do sticker and print sales every other month as well, and those help me out a ton! Thank you!


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