We Interviewed Animator recosan!

We had the pleasure of chatting with the animator recosan all about their work! Be sure to check out what they have going on to learn more!

1. Tell us about your animation what inspired your work? 

I’m still learning how to animate well, so I tend to look at other animators’ techniques! I got inspired by many artists, especially Kukka(くっか), zemyata and Mariyasu(まりやす)!!  

2. Advice for new animators? 

Eventually you will know how to animate, whether it is a blinking eye one or action-packed animations. Whatever it is, understanding the fundamental basics of objects makes it easier to animate. 

3. What made you start animating? 

That thought of animating traces back from 2019, when I was an avid fan of Gacha Life(honestly) and anime. I thought to myself “I can make animations too!!” then proceed on animating. I didn’t succeed in animating anything for several years until 2023. It just came out of nowhere, and I simply drew frame-to-frame sequences to create a short GIF/animation, and that’s when I knew I wanted to animate. 

4. Goals for 2024? 

Didn’t have any. All animations in the future will be recreated from what I planned back then. Who knows really [chuckles]. I might even animate more than I decided. 

5. Where can folks support your work?’ 

On various social media- Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Medibang and Pixiv. All apart from those are not mine. If there’s any questions, contact me via Twitter.  @recoderu on Twitter. 

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