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VTuber Interview: Tiffany Witcher The Charity Witch on Twitch

We interviewed VTuber Tiffany Witcher. A VTuber with a heart of gold.

  1. What made you want to start Vtubing?
    I have multiple chronic illnesses my main ones being Lupus and RA and with that, I had to get chemo treatments. On top of that and my skin, I decided to try Vtubing as a stand-in until my skin healed. Well, it’s kind of stuck and I really love doing it. Even when my skin heals, I will keep doing it. It just has changed my life. 
  2. How did you decide on what your model would look like?
    My model is based on a constant upgrade of a chibi that was made by an artist named Killakuma. Now she represents what I stand for my last name is actually Witcher so I went with a witch model. The colors of purple represent the color of Lupus awareness, the butterfly and the purple ribbon are the same. I call her my Lupus witch. I made her like this because the main charity I raise money for is for the Lupus Foundation in honor of my Mother Myra Witcher that passed April 11th 2017 due to the disease. I made her an elf because I love elves in fantasy and just wanted to make her extra magical. 
  3. What can people expect to see from you in 2021?
    I plan on doing more with my VTubing from special charity events to collaborations with other VTubers out there. I will also try to push for partner this year so I can make a charity stream team. So I’m looking to do bigger things not just as a VTuber but as a content creator. I have raised over 10k last year to charity streams and I want to double that for different organizations like Lupus and more! I also do voice acting so I will be doing more with that part of my career looking to get more work this year. I love voicing for games especially so it’s a fun job to do! So if there are any other Vtubers out there that want to collab, charity organizations or anyone needs a voice actor hit me up! 
  4.  What has been your favorite part about Vtubing so far?
    I think the acceptance I have gotten from my community and newcomers that come to my stream. It’s just has made me happy as a streamer because I can just not worry about my own illness and just be fully myself as a streamer and content creator. It has been nothing but a wonderful experience I don’t plan on stopping. 

Feel free to check out Tiffany Witcher’s social media to learn more about what she does!


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