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Today we are going to chat all about our friends at VoxPop Games, who they are, and what you can expect from them as they grow! VoxPop is a gaming distribution platform that specializes in indie developers. What makes them so special is they offer a profit-sharing model and peer-to-peer download system. This breaks the norm most platforms follow!

Founders Charles Yu and Marc Rodriguez shared their experience starting a company during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

 “I wanted to create a platform that indie devs could use to promote themselves that influencers could also use to help monetize their channels, and fill in the gaps between their sponsorships,” Yu said. “I wanted to create a platform where [developers] could make a living. You could make this your job if you’re really willing to work on it.” 

With the hard work VoxPop dedicated themselves to they were able to help a developer work with AbleGamers. This not only helped the developer of Weaponeer it also giving back to the world. “The AbleGamers Foundation is an American nonprofit organization dedicated to improving accessibility in the video game space, enabling more people with disabilities to be able to play video games “ Learn more HERE

VoxPop Games is a perfect place to go if you are a developer. On VoxPop Games they have many different and unique titles from many indie game devs! They also encourage streamers and content creators to partner with them. Partnered streamers and content creators are able to play the newest indie titles! This helps both the streamer and developer, making VoxPop stand out from the crowd. 

The Developer gets to set a profit share percentage. This is known as profit share. For each game they have on the store they can set the percentage starting at 3%. This empowers developers because they are in control of how much percentage is used for the profit sharing. Having streamers and content creators play indie games truly brings awareness to their games. Not only will their game be seen across multiple platforms like Youtube and Twitch, the developer may also receive downloads from the content creators fanbase and community. This is a great way for both creators and developers to gain traction!

For creators who recommend a game and someone purchases the game from their link. Creators get profit equal to the profit share of the game. Here is an example: Someone purchased a game on your recommendations that is $9.99 USD and has a 30% profit share. You receive the lion’s share of the 30%. VoxPop Games is a perfect platform to go to if you love video games and sharing those games with your audience! Some recommendations for creators would be to make gameplays on Youtube, stream on twitch, and share snippets from your game play on Twitter! This will spread awareness on the game, and perhaps your community will purchase the game you recomend! 

With much to come in the future like the release of Swordcar it is important to check out what VoxPop Games is doing!

Streamers, creators, and developers all around the world do not hesitate! Support them today. To learn more about how it works check out this post on VoxPop Games:


Do you have an unwavering passion for video games?

Are you fed up with watching your favorite Streamers or Let’s Players struggling to make ends meet? Maybe you are an independent game developer who has a hard time standing out because you just don’t have the money to run a traditional marketing campaign?

VoxPop is looking to bring all of that to an end!

VoxPop Games is a new Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Game Distribution & Development platform, and we’re looking to link these underserved communities together with our profit-sharing tools. We allow developers to leverage a small portion of their future income for users and streamers who help promote their games, thus giving developers exposure and influencers another revenue stream.


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