Valentine’s Day Jam 2024: The Ultimate Geeky Love-Fest

Hey, gamers and devs! Ryder here, and I’ve got some epic news for all you romantics and rebels. Forget the box of chocolates and sappy cards – this year, we’re talking about the Valentine’s Day Jam 2024 on That’s right, a game jam that’s all about love, heartbreak, and everything in between. If you’re itching (pun intended) to create, collaborate, or just celebrate love in your own unique way, this jam is for you.

What’s Cooking in the Jam?

This isn’t your typical Valentine’s gig. We’re talking a 1.5-month extravaganza where your creativity can run wild. Whether you’re into traditional romance, the agony of unrequited love, or even something spicy (yes, smut’s on the menu), there’s room for all. And it’s not just visual novels; all game genres are invited to this party.

No Rules, Just Love

Here’s the lowdown on the rules – or the lack thereof:

  • Theme Flexibility: Your game should be somewhat Valentine’s themed or revolve around love and relationships. Whether it’s sweet, sour, or somewhere in between, it’s all game.
  • All Love is Welcome: Celebrate love in its myriad forms. All orientations and pairings are embraced here.
  • NSFW? Flag It!: If your game has mature content, make sure you tag it. Let’s keep things respectful and informed.
  • Credits Where Credits Are Due: Using pre-made assets? Cool, but remember to credit the creators in your game.
  • Double-Dipping Allowed: Submitting your game to other jams? No problem.
  • Quality Counts: Unfinished or rough projects are a no-go. Aim for a clear ending or a polished demo.

Connect and Contribute

Got questions or need some inspo? The Valentine’s Day Jam community on is a great place to mingle and brainstorm. This jam is a chance to bring some much-needed love and connection back into our lives. So, let’s get those creative juices flowing and make something memorable this Valentine’s Day!

And hey, while you’re at it, why not show some love to All Ages of Geek’s Patreon? Your support keeps us geeks doing what we love best!

Let the Valentine’s Day Jam 2024 begin!

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