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Today Dio chats with Cool Story Bro all about Ukraine, their project STAR CRY and how you can help. Cool Story Bro is a creative studio in Ukraine and they talk to you about how you can help the people of Ukraine. They give us their experience, how their project is helping the Ukrainian people, and knowlege on Ukraine. Consider helping Ukraine today. 

It was the passion for games and comics that brought Ihor Yashchenko and Oleksii Nesmashny together. In 2020, young enthusiasts from Ukraine launched a startup – the COOL STORY BRO creative studio.

The focus of the studio activity is the creation and elaboration of exciting stories in different genres. The first large-scale project was the STARS CRY space opera.

Science fiction, stories about superheroes, fantasy, horror and detective stories – everyone will find something interesting in the creative works of the studio, regardless of their tastes and preferences.

The COOL STORY BRO team is a collaboration of inspired people, the geeks desiring to create and tell cool stories. Artists, sculptors, musicians, writers, board gamers and gamers share a passion and drive to bring their cool ideas to comics, toys, tabletop games, books and animation.

The studio’s development prospects are far reaching and ambitious. In the future, we plan to open the COOL STORY MOVIE and COOL STORY TOYS branches.

Stay tuned, this is COOL STORY BRO and let’s begin!

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