Top Ten Most Powerful Fire Benders

By Henry Belman

Firebending is perhaps the most well-explored of any of the elements, with the possible exception of water. The fire nation served as the main antagonist of Avatar Last Airbenders. The art of fire bending was passed down from the dragons but was abused by Firelord Sozin in his attempt to take over the world. Honor was only brought back by his grandson and great grandson’s efforts.

Spoiler warning for Avatar the last Airbender and the Legend of Korra. If you haven’t seen them yet, please do.

Honorable mentions include Admiral Zhao, the Sun Warriors, Sparky Sparky Boom man, Wan, Roku and Firelord Sozin. Sozin only makes it to honorable mentions because we saw him heat bend, but we didn’t see enough fire bending out of him to get him on the main list. Similar thing to Avatar Roku who was likely the best of the avatars at the skill that we saw.  Zhao was a naturally talented firebender, but he lost to season one Zuko and was pretty basic. Sun warriors and the combustion bender don’t have enough feats.

10) General Iroh

How he looks at you when you claim his voice doesn’t match his lips.

Iroh II is the grandson of Zuko and is a master fire bender in his own right. He is the general of the United forces. He could propel himself with flames and bend lightning with precision. Had we seen more of him, he may have gotten higher up on this list, as he was likely on the same level as his grandfather and great aunt.

9) Aang

moments before disaster

Avatar Aang resisted learning fire bending, but he is still a master of it. He learned the dance of the dragons and could therefore move fire like it is a part of his body. He could redirect lightning and hold it with in himself for long enough to make a moral decision.

8) Korra

Hot head, hot air, hot hands

Avatar Korra favored fire. It is always the element she goes to in all situations. Her firebending at first seemed to come from her hotheadedness. She is still a master, creating pillars of flames and moving the fire like it is a part of her. While Korra showed no affinity for the sub-elements of fire, her fire bending could more than stand on its own.

7) Mako

Athlete to cop

Mako was the MVP on both his professional bending team and on the police force he worked for. He is often underrated by the fandom thanks to the annoying love triangle he got caught up in. He has the fastest lightning bending of anyone, being able to zap the blood bender Amon before he was incapacitated.

6) Jeong Jeong

Wise old grump

Jeong Jeong was the first person to defect from the fire nation army and live. He trained many fire benders in the art and proved to be a master of it. His flames tended to be huge, being able to create walls of fire and giant fire balls. His feats were limited however, since he only fire bent in two episode, one of which he was boosted by the commit. He never lightning bent, but that makes sense since he was a pacifist who hated fire bending. Jeong Jeong’s firebending skills are almost unmatched.

5) P’li

an intense stare

P’li is a combustion bender. This means she can blow things up using her mind and a look. She can curve her concussive beams, unlike her predecessor. She was also powerful enough to redirect dragon flames, showing her to be more than a one-trick poney.

4) Zuko

his Honor is ineffible

Fire Prince Zuko is an incredibly powerful and skilled firebender. He proved himself to be his sister’s equal when they fought in the boiling rock before Azula’s meltdown. Zuko may not be as much of a prodigy as his sister but his skill is still untenable. He learned most things from his uncle, which allowed him to progress as a fire bender as well as a person throughout the show.

3) Azula

Princess Azula is as powerful as she is deadly. Her firebending is blue, unlike everyone else and she uses a two-finger technique rather than the regular palm-based firebending. She is precise with everything. She can lightning bend and create pliers of flame when she desires.

2) Ozai

Shirtless and ready to beat up a monk

Firelord Ozai is probably the most physically powerful firebender of his day. He may have made it to the top spot but we didn’t see too many feats from him. What we did see was powerful though. He could lightning bend faster and larger than anyone else we saw. Ozai permanently burned his sons face with his hand. His form was show to be excellent, being able to create a concentrated flame with his hand and even combustion bend. The problem is that as a villain, he was always in the shadows behind a throne of flames. This made him a terrifying potential threat, but stopped us from seeing him do anything outside of Sozin’s comet where he was 100x as powerful as normal.

1) Iroh

Drink’n tea

This was a hard one to place, but I ultimately went with the dragon of the west. Iroh was a master firebender. He learned how to properly firebend from the Dragons themselves. He is a master of the fire breath technique, as well as of the breathing exercises. Iroh developed lightning redirection himself using water bender techniques. While he did claim that he wasn’t sure whether he could beat his brother in a fight, Iroh proved himself the more skilled firebender all around, even if his brother is likely the more powerful of the two.

Thats the list, please tell me if you agree with my analyse and order.

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