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Top Five Recommended Things to do While in Japan

This year I took my first trip to another country. I traveled across the world and lived in Japan for three months. I traveled around the country and saw many different things! I decided to make a list of my Top Five Recommended Things to do While in Japan. 

Number one is by far Mt. Fuji

If you are a nature nerd like me seeing Mt. Fuji will definitely make you emotional. When I got off the train and saw Mt. Fuji across from me in the sky I cried! Happy tears don’t worry, but seeing it really, really changed my life. 

Number two is Visiting the Shrines and Temples

Not only is it very peaceful, but you get to experience a different culture. There are some shrines in the middle of busy Tokyo that look like their part of their own world. It makes you forget you are in a busy city with loud noises and allows your mind to be at peace. 

Number three is Riding the Ferris Wheels

There are many different Ferris Wheels across Japan. Center Kita, Yokohama Cosmoworld, Osaka, pick your favorite and see Japan from a different angle!

Number four is Akihabara

If you love anime just go here. SO many shops and arcades with your favorite anime characters and manga. AND since Bleach is returning I’m sure you’ll see lots of your favorite bleach characters (my favorite hehehe)

Number five TRY THE MATCHA

You won’t regret it IS 100% life-changing.

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