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Paw Patrol is one of the most successful cartoons for kids on Nick Jr. you need to admit that. The series is not just adorable for kids to enjoy, but Paw Patrol is also one of those kids shows that are perfect for adults to learn a lesson or two. It’s not just about the typical “friendship” or “teamwork” lessons you see on many kids shows, but Paw Patrol takes it one step further.

Paw Patrol has been awarded numerous awards, including a Canadian Screen Award for Best Pre-School Program or Series. While awards aren’t a focus here on All Ages of Geek, and something we always stray away from talking about, we wanted to mention this to show parents the impact Paw Patrol has been making for kids over the last ten years.

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Each episode follows the Paw Patrol, which is a group of six rescue pups and their human leader, Ryder, as they work together to protect their community. The show emphasizes problem solving and encourages kids to think about how they can help others. It doesn’t shy away from how a community struggles without support of everyday heroes and gives examples on how kids and their guardians can do their part in helping out.

Paw Patrol is a true testament to success on Nick Jr. It has been captivating preschoolers everywhere with its catchy theme song (that gets stuck in your head) and adorable characters since it first aired in 2013.

A range of books and of course toys and merchandise have been released, and the show has had several spin-offs, such as “Mighty Pups” and “Paw Patrol: Ready Race Rescue.” Nick Jr. has done an amazing job of keeping the series alive and entertaining kids for years to come, but also keeps the heart alive. While many shows stray away from what made them stand out from the hundreds of kids shows on the market, Paw Patrol has never once gotten off track. Nick Jr. knows their audience, knows their value and also knows the show doesn’t have to go above and beyond in order to entertain and educate.

We asked our Google Assistant of Google Pixel what she thought the Top 9 Paw Patrol Episodes were and after several tries the results were surprising. Check out what Google Assistant said about Steven Universe and her Top Gems!

Most of the results had to do with oceans and celebrations. With “Pups Save the Bay”, “Pups Save a Chicken of the Sea” and “Pups Make a Splash” being the Top 3, we noticed the our results may have shown differently due to us living in Hawaii for two years. “Pups Save the Easter Egg Hunt” and “Pups Save a Glow-in-the-Dark Party” were much more about celebrations and holidays, while the others were random missions.

We would love to know what your phone’s assistant thinks about the Top 9 Paw Patrol episodes. What results did you get? Similar to ours? Different? Let us know in the comments below!

Galaxy-Boy Delivery and Paw Patrol Reactions

It’s no secret that kids and parents love Paw Patrol. That’s why All Ages of Geek has decided to take the show to the next level with Galaxy-Boy Delivery our upcoming edutainment cartoon series, who will be doing Paw Patrol reactions on YouTube. With this new endeavor, kids can learn important social skills while watching reactions to their favorite shows with two silly cartoon hosts. The reaction series will also be perfect for parents who also want to learn more ways about teaching kids how to socialize with friends.

Galaxy-Boy Delivery, produced by All Ages of Geek is directed by the Stec Sisters. Katya Stec worked with picture books as a reporter and entertainer for over five years before creating All Ages of Geek, while Tatiana Stec has worked as a DSP and Family Support Specialist for kids and adults with developmental and behavioral disabilities. The series will follow COPPA guidelines and be available on an upcoming OTT App, All Ages of Geek’s website and YouTube Channel.

At All Ages of Geek, we believe that kids should learn about the importance of critiquing and analyzing media, especially animation. Through Galaxy-Boy Delivery’s reactions to Paw Patrol, kids can learn about the show in a new and exciting way. Not only does this help them understand the show better, but it also encourages them to interact with it and build their social skills.

On top of the Paw Patrol reactions, Galaxy-Boy Delivery will also be reacting to several other series from Nick Jr, PBS Kids, Dreamworks TV, Cartoon Network and more. All of these shows can help kids develop and practice their social skills, as well as increase their understanding of media in animation.

We hope that Galaxy-Boy Delivery’s reactions to Paw Patrol and other Nick Jr shows will be a fun and educational experience for kids and their families! Be sure to check out Galaxy-Boy Delivery’s website for more information and series releases.

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