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Top 10 Illogical Things In Pokemon Games Part 2

The world of Pokemon games is full of illogical things, which can be really funny at times. Here are 10 more illogical things from all Pokemon games.

1)  Defeated Pokemon can use HM’s

Hm’s are attacks that can also used outside of a fight. For example, we can fly with the HM02(Fly) to cities that we have visited before. But have you ever noticed that defeated Pokemon can use HM’s. We can with our defeated  Dodou (which doesn’t even have wings) still fly to any place, no matter how far away that place is. Our Pokemon is almost unable to move because of the pain. It was burned, poisoned, crushed, plucked, and was almost electrified to death by a little yellow mouse Pokemon. It is half dead, but nevertheless it has the spirit to take us to the next city. That is the spirit that champions are made of.

2) Sleeping Pokemon can free themselves from Pokeballs

We are looking for a Pokemon that we always wanted. If we finally find it, we have to weaken it so that we can catch it better. If we have weakened it enough, we can still put it to sleep so that it can be captured even better. The Pokemon is sleeping, we are using our Pokeball, and the Pokemon is in the Pokeball. We are happy that we finally caught the Pokemon. And then, the Pokemon frees itself from the Pokeball. A sleeping Pokemon can free itself from a Pokeball. After it frees itself, it still sleeps. How did it get free? It’s unable to move, so how did it get free? I love the logic in this game.

3) Our Pokemon can dig into water

We all know the situation. We want to go from Fuchsia city to the Seafoam Islands. But first, we have to cross Route 19 to get there. So we get on our little Shellder and surf towards the Seafoam islands. On the way, we meet other trainers who want to challenge us to a Pokemon fight. We send our Sandslash into the battle. The funny thing about this situation is, that we can use dig. How is it possible? We are on the high seas and still, our Pokemon manages to dig into the ground. How? Is our Pokemon able to change the elements? It digs into water. A Pokemon with water weakness digs into the water. It remains an unsolved mystery.

4) Valuable items in trash cans

When we’re out in the Pokemon world, it’s always worth taking a look into the trash cans. Sometimes we find the most valuable items in the trash cans. There are actually people in this world who throw valuable items like attacks, potions, or Pokeballs in the trash can. But not only in the trash cans. We can find the rarest items like rare candies or Hyperballs in the whole Pokemon world. We also find the rarest attacks that are scattered all over the place. The whole world is filled with items. I ask myself one question. Who throws away all the items? It’s like a mirror of our society today. We throw away everything we don’t need.

5) Professor Elm always knows where we are and what we do

In Pokemon gold, silver, and crystal we meet Professor Elm. We get our starter Pokemon and get a Pokedex. After receiving a Pokemon egg from a mysterious person. we bring it to Professor Elm for examination. We should keep the egg with us and report to him if something unusual happens. After a while, Togepi hatches from the egg. Then we get a call from Professor Elm immediately after Togepi hatched. How does he know that Togepi hatched? We have not yet informed him about it, but he still knows what happened. I think our Pokedex is watching us. The Professor can control us at any time and knows always what we do. My tip, throw away your Pokedex so that the Professor can no longer watch what you are doing. The Professor is watching you.

6) We break into houses and steal items

Nobody seems to care when we go into someone’s house without asking. We just go through the open door and search in the entire house for items. If we found an item, we take it. Then we leave the house and go away. Sometimes the owners of the house are still at home, but they don’t do anything against us. If we’re lucky they give us some items when we speak to them. Why is nobody doing anything about it? We break into houses and steal valuable items. We don’t just want to be the greatest Pokemon trainer, but also the greatest burglar of all time.

7) The Poke Flute

One of the illogical things in Pokemon is the Poke Flute. We only need it once to wake up a sleeping Snorlax that blocks our way. Then we will never need the Poke Flute again for the rest of the game. When we use the Poke Flute, Snorlax wakes up and we can catch it. Seriously, why do we have to wake up a sleeping Pokemon to catch it? Why don’t we just throw a Pokeball to catch it? It sleeps and can’t do anything against us. And why can only the Poke Flute wake it up? Are there no other options? It makes no sense.

8) Our computer

Each of us has a PC. We can store Pokemon that we have caught on our PC and even save items that we will need later in the game. But why Gamefreak, can I store a bike or a fishing rod on my PC? How is that even possible? Okay, it’s pretty handy because, our backpack is quickly full, and we don’t want to sell everything to make room in our backpack again. I want this computer!

9) Nobody knows exactly what a Diglett looks like

One of the biggest mysteries in the Pokemon world is the Pokemon Diglett. No one in the entire Pokemon world has ever seen a complete Diglett. All that has been seen, is his torso. His lower body is even for the greatest Pokemon professors a mystery. Nobody knows how exactly a Diglett looks like. I have one question. Has anyone ever examined a dead Diglett that was lying dead in nature? Or why has nobody ever pulled a Diglett out of his hole? Isn’t that what researchers do? Why is nobody doing it? Is it life-threatening to pull a Diglett out of its hole, to see what it looks like? It is possible to save a bike, items, and even Pokemon as digital data on our PC. Scientists research the ultra dimension, can clone Pokemon and can bring fossils back to life. But it is impossible to say what a Diglett looks like? That makes total sense.

10) Sleeping Pokemon can flee

Legendary Pokemon like Raikou or Entei, can appear on the grass to us if we are lucky. They appear completely unexpected. If that happens , we only have one chance to catch it. Because these Pokemon will flee immediately when it frees itself from a Pokeball. But we are not stupid. We have a plan to catch the Pokemon. We will put it to sleep so that it cannot flee. If it works, we just have to catch it with a Pokeball. Finally, we’ve made it. The legendary Pokemon will be ours and nobody will stop us. It cannot move or fight back. All we have to do is to throw a Pokeball. But before we can throw the Pokeball, the Pokemon flees. Yes, a sleeping Entei or Raikou can flee when they sleeping. It’s very frustrating.

The Pokemon games have managed to connect all generations. Although I will soon be 27 years old, I still have fun and enjoy playing these games. Many people associate Pokemon games with wonderful game experiences. Pokemon games are an experience that everyone should play once. I hope that many Pokemon games will come out in the future.

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