Geek Mom: “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” Launches New Opening Animation and Theme Song on YouTube Kids

As a mom of two, a blogger for All Ages of Geek under “Geek Mom World”, and an early-access reviewer, I’m making sure the new series “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” on YouTube gets a ton of love. That’s why I was so excited to hear that “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” has just launched their new opening animation and theme song on their official YouTube channel.

Galaxy-Boy Delivery Episodes on YouTube Kids

The new animation, which was created by Red Ogna, is so cool and colorful, with lots of fun space-themed visuals that kids will love. And the new theme song, created by Antonia Marquee, is so catchy and upbeat, with fun lyrics that will get stuck in your head all day.

But what I love most about “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” is the amazing educational content they provide for free on their YouTube channel. As a parent, I know how important it is to help our kids develop important skills like STEM/STEAM, digital literacy, and social skills. And that’s exactly what “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” does so well.

Their videos are so engaging and interactive, with lots of fun activities and games that help kids learn important concepts in a fun and exciting way. And as a home-schooler, I can see how valuable these resources would be in the classroom, too.

So if you’re a parent or teacher looking for fun and educational content for your kids, be sure to check out “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” on YouTube. With their new opening animation and theme song, and all their amazing free resources, it’s the perfect destination for kids who love space, adventure, and learning.

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