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These 15 Forgotten ’90s Cartoon Characters Will Make You Say ‘Oh Yeah, I Remember Them!’

The ’90s were a time of wild experimentation and colorful creativity, especially in the world of cartoons. The decade is packed with iconic characters, but there are some that, while beloved at the time, have slipped through the cracks of our collective memory. Grab your Dunkaroos, and let’s take a nostalgic stroll through 15 forgotten ’90s cartoon characters.

  1. Freakazoid from “Freakazoid!”:
    In an era where superheroes were usually about muscle and might, “Freakazoid!” came along to turn everything upside down. Dexter Douglas, a teenager who became the manic Freakazoid, had zany adventures that were filled with irreverent humor. Despite its one-of-a-kind charm and the influence of Steven Spielberg, “Freakazoid!” remains a lesser-remembered gem.
  2. The Biker Mice from “Biker Mice from Mars”:
    Anthropomorphic animals riding motorcycles? Sign us up! These mice were cool, edgy, and they fought against evil corporations. With their extreme ’90s attitude, they should’ve been unforgettable, yet they’ve mostly been left in the past.
  3. Eek the Cat from “Eek! The Cat”:
    This purple, chunky cat’s adventures were filled with slapstick humor and mishaps. Though his show was a Saturday morning staple, Eek’s earnest attempts to help others (often leading to disaster) haven’t quite stuck in the public consciousness.
  4. Mighty Max from “Mighty Max”:
    “Mighty Max” was an adventurous take on the Polly Pocket toys, but for boys. Max’s cap allowed him to travel through time and space, fighting monsters with his pals Virgil and Norman. Despite its engaging storylines, “Mighty Max” has mostly been forgotten.
  5. Bobby from “Bobby’s World”:
    Created by comedian Howie Mandel, “Bobby’s World” explored the imaginative world of a young boy named Bobby Generic. His unique perspective and the voice acting by Mandel himself made this show a ’90s favorite, but it has somewhat faded from memory.
  6. Gadget Boy from “Gadget Boy & Heather”:
    Essentially a younger version of Inspector Gadget, Gadget Boy had various mechanical limbs and tools, along with a bionic dog named G-9. Even though it was filled with fun and gadgets, it hasn’t quite lived on like its predecessor.
  7. Bonkers D. Bobcat from “Bonkers”:
    A mix between a cop show and the madcap spirit of ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit,’ “Bonkers” starred an animated bobcat who worked as a policeman in Hollywood. Even with its unique premise, Bonkers hasn’t quite stayed in our minds.
  8. The Critic from “The Critic”:
    Starring Jon Lovitz as Jay Sherman, a film critic who hates most films, “The Critic” was a smart and funny look at the world of media criticism. It was witty and ahead of its time, but unfortunately, it didn’t stick around in pop culture.
  9. Denver from “Denver, the Last Dinosaur”:
    With a theme song as catchy as they come, “Denver, the Last Dinosaur” followed the adventures of a skateboarding dinosaur and his human friends. Despite its infectious charm, Denver’s radness has become something of a relic.
  10. Hammerman from “Hammerman”:
    MC Hammer as a cartoon superhero with magical shoes? It’s as ’90s as it sounds. “Hammerman” was a short-lived attempt to capitalize on the rapper’s fame, but like many celebrity-driven cartoons of the era, it didn’t leave a lasting impact.
  11. James Bond Jr. from “James Bond Jr.”:
    This cartoon followed the nephew of the legendary spy, who fought against the organization S.C.U.M. It was filled with gadgets and action but hasn’t been remembered as a classic part of the Bond legacy.
  12. The Hurricanes from “Hurricanes”:
    A soccer-themed animated series that combined sports action with crime-fighting? “Hurricanes” was unique and fun, but it’s mostly remembered by hardcore ’90s animation fans.
  13. Wing Commander Academy Characters from “Wing Commander Academy”:
    Based on the popular “Wing Commander” video games, this show featured space battles and high stakes but didn’t find a lasting audience, despite its connection to a popular gaming franchise.
  14. Widget from “Widget the World Watcher”:
    Widget was an alien shapeshifter with a passion for protecting the Earth’s environment. A cartoon with an environmental message was ahead of its time but has been largely overshadowed by others.
  15. Princess Gwenevere from “Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders”:
    A magical girl show before it was cool, this series followed Princess Gwenevere and her friends as they used enchanted jewels. Though it had a dedicated fanbase, it’s mostly become a nostalgic footnote.

The ’90s were a time of exploration and excitement in cartoons, and while some characters have become enduring icons, others have been overlooked. These forgotten heroes deserve a revisit, so why not dig through those old VHS tapes or find them online? And if you’re feeling the ’90s love, keep riding this nostalgia train over at All Ages of Geek. You can also join the geeky family on Patreon. Now, where’s my slap bracelet?

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