The Most Underrated & Overlooked Movies Ever Made

Hi everyone, this my article about the greatest movies you’ve never seen; probably.

Movies are one of the greatest things to have ever been invented, they have paved the way of fashion, thinking, storytelling and how we see the world. People have gained more knowledge and truth in a cinema for 2 hours than listening to any politician. Movies have given influence to generation of movies that proceeded it, and probably more in the future. But sometimes there are movies that are sadly overlooked and it’s shame when these movies are great and brilliant. This list is a list of those many movies that go overlooked.

1# hard to be a good (dir. Alexie German) 2013. This movies is not for the easy going who enjoy narrative plot, this movie on the other hand is a decadent plunge filth and grime of medieval living. The story centres around a group of scientists who have all colonised to a planet that has not progressed past the medieval era. On the planet creativity and intellectuality is banned, and that’s why the black and white choice for the film is perfect to show this terrible bleak evil landscape of terrible dullness.

2# damnation (dir. Bela Tarr) this Hungarian movies is a bleak look into the lives of guilt ridden people who do nothing but drink in pubs and dance in the pub. The film relies a lot on using long unbroken shots to show how the surroundings have taken a toll on the residence. This movies struck a chord with me for some reason.

3# Orpheus. (Dir. Jean Cocteau). This modern retelling of the Greek tale of Orpheus set in 1950s Paris is a beautiful tale and also pure feast for the eyes of true movie magic and practical effects. It’s about the tale of Orpheus, a man who travel to the underworld to retrieve his lost love. It’s a movie that changed the way I look at the way movies create effects.

4# Withnail and I (Dir. Bruce Robinson) This quite frankly is the funniest comedy ever made. It’s practically unheard of in America but it’s a cult classic in Uk. It’s centres around two characters ,Withnail, and Marwood. They are two alcoholic actors who decide to go to the country so they can “rejuvenate”

5# seven samurai. Dir. Akira Kurosawa. This Japanese samurai epic, is the corner stone of Japanese cinema as a whole. The movie centres around a village of Japanese people who enlist a group of samurais to protect them. The movie inspired a whole generation of movies mostly westerns. The director Akira Kurosawa was the sole inspiration for George Lucas when making Star Wars.

6# on the silver globe (Dir. Andrzej Żuławski) this epic sci fi was never finished leaving scenes in the movie completely missing, which is tragic Because i think of the influence it could have had if it wasn’t banned by the polish government. This found footage sci fi was shot in the 1970s and it looks like it was shot in 2010. It’s never hard to get a copy of this movie. It was completed in 1987 and finally released but the missing scenes are voiced over narration saying what’s happening in the scene. The film is still very much watchable, and the missing scenes make the film more interesting if you ask me.

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