The Fugly’s Family Reunion Review

NFTs are changing the internet day by day. Creators and artists from around the world bring
their vision to the metaverse! Today we are going to chat all about The Fugly’s Family Reunion,
where you can support them, their designs, and what they have in store for collectors!

Before we chat about their designs let’s find out who they are:

“Deep in the heart of the Adirondacks, there lives a family named the Fugly’s. Where they
originally came from is anybody’s guess. There are rumors and whispers that they were stolen
from the shores of Borneo some generations ago. Some claim they are descendants of the
Fugly clan living during the times of the Mayans and the Aztecs. Over the years small groups of Fugly’s have been located in the US far in the southwest of New Mexico and as far north in
Utqiagvik, Alaska. Some of the elders remember traveling with a circus and some headed out to find fortune elsewhere. But once every year the Fugly’s from far and wide gather back at the
homestead in the Adirondacks for the Fugly’s Family Reunion. A whole lot of photos are taken
during that extravaganza and some have even made their way into the metaverse. Let me
introduce you to the Fugly’s Family Reunion collection.”

The designs of these NFTs are perfect for any collector looking to add more cartoon styled NFTs to their gallery. Fans of cartoons from networks like Cartoon Network will love their designs. Each NFT has their own unique accessories and design making them stand out in the crowd. For example you will see one with 3D glasses on and even one sporting a baseball cap. The possibilities are truly endless. The best part is 10% of all sales of the Fugly’s will be donated to

If you are interested in learning more about what this project has in store for you consider
checking out their links. There you can check out what they are working on. These NFTs truly
break the norm in the metaverse and are supporting a great organization. Consider supporting
them today. You wont regret it!

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