“The Divine Speaker: A Bounty Hunter’s First Christmas” Review: A Festive Blend of Humor and Adventure

Ho ho ho! It’s Ryder, your guide through the mystical and sometimes wild world of visual novels. Today, we’re taking a sleigh ride into “The Divine Speaker: A Bounty Hunter’s First Christmas” by Two and a Half Studios. If you’re into a mix of holiday cheer, 18+ content, and some good ol’ bounty hunting, then you came to the right place.

A Winter Solstice Adventure

Set in the enchanting world of “The Divine Speaker,” this afterstory focuses on Leos during the Winter Solstice. The game picks up with characters Raen and Leos sent on a mission to hunt down the mysterious Mister Bells. Talk about a Christmas quest! This narrative promises a hilarious journey with our protagonists trying to juggle their bounty hunting duties with the festive celebrations of the Winter Solstice. And let me tell you, it’s not just about catching the bad guys; there’s a sprinkle of holiday spirit in every scene​​.

Exclusive Content for the Fans

Heads up, this afterstory is a bit of an exclusive treat. It’s available to those signed up to the Solaris tier on Two and a Half Studios’ Patreon. So, if you’re a die-hard fan of “The Divine Speaker” and hungry for more content, this is your VIP pass to some extra-special goodies like DLCs, exclusive 18+ artworks, and game betas​​.

A Story Rich in Details

With over 25,000 words, this afterstory is a full-fledged extension of “The Divine Speaker” universe. The narrative depth here is perfect for those who love to immerse themselves in detailed storytelling. Plus, it comes with brand new CGs from lead game artist Fuyuure and beautiful chibi CGs by Tsy Shen, adding visual depth to the story​​.

Interactive and Engaging Gameplay

Get ready for some interactive gameplay, including a choice between a Leos top or Raen top scene, and a rock-paper-scissors showdown against Leos. These elements add a layer of engagement and fun, making the game an interactive experience where your choices shape the narrative.

A Must-Play for ‘The Divine Speaker’ Fans

“The Divine Speaker: A Bounty Hunter’s First Christmas” is a fantastic addition for fans of the original game. It’s a hilarious, festive, and engaging story that deepens the universe of “The Divine Speaker”. While it’s a special release for Patreon supporters, it’s definitely worth considering for those who are invested in the series and looking for some extra holiday cheer.

Grab your bounty hunting gear and a cup of hot cocoa, and get ready to dive into a Winter Solstice adventure like no other. And remember, supporting creators on platforms like Patreon not only gives you access to exclusive content but also helps indie developers continue to make the games we love. Happy gaming, and may your holidays be as adventurous as a bounty hunter’s quest!

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