The Conduits of Ash Review

Artists and creators from around the world have been expressing themselves in the metaverse.
Photography, music, digital art, traditional art, they all have been seen as NFTs. The possibilities
on who enters the metaverse are endless! Today we are going to chat all about Crypto Poems
Records NFT Collection from The Conduits of Ash. We will discuss their designs and how you
can support them!

“Unique and one of a kind artwork NFT collection are the words spoken when people are being told and shown the details of an NFT from the Crypto Poems Records NFT Collection. 100 Crypto Poems Records in a Limited Edition of 100. Each NFT has the creator’s source of
inspiration deep in the cryptocurrencies themed in the Crypto Poems Records NFT Collection.
When you own your first Crypto Poems Records NFT and you read the instructions attached in
the unlockable content, you will realize that you bought a one of a kind experience and not justartwork. Each Limited Edition NFT is a peerless experience of visual, audio and most
importantly literature, three artworks encrypted and fused without traces in the visual artwork.”

This collection is perfect for collectors looking to add an artistic and creative piece to their
gallery. These NFTs combine three different art concepts. Literature, audio, and visual artwork.
This is something extremely unique because collectors are now able to get three pieces of
artwork all combined in one. The designs are beautiful and professionally animated. These
animated NFTs showcase amazing artwork in a way never done before that every collector must jump on to now!

The designs truly showcase the power of art. The use of words to combine literature with visual
work is incredible. The words spin around the record like images inspiring the viewer to learn
more about this project. The color choices in each NFT is incredible, allowing the viewer to
interpret the meaning of each piece.

This collection also has a Discord Server where supporters can join to chat with like minded
people. This is the perfect place to be if you are interested in staying updated about the
collection. They also have a Twitter where they keep their supporters updated. Be sure to follow them to learn more about their project. If you are looking to support this project consider giving them a follow. Not only will you be in store for great designs and updates, this will also be the place to perhaps find your next big NFT. Support them today. You will not regret it!

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