The Art of HenryD

Fan art and work has been on a wild ride over the years. From being more secretive and behind closed doors, to now being a huge income and job for multiple artists online, we have to say fanart has come a long way. But what about taking that once original idea of fanart and adding it to the NFT space? 

All Ages of Geek believes it is important to acknowledge the artist behind the NFT. Artists should be celebrated and All Ages of Geek is supporting NFT artists to help bring light to their work and their stories. Each artist has a different approach and story to their NFTs. Artist HenryD is that story today as we focus on his digital art.

HenryD’s NFTs are perfect for any collector who wants more vintage styles added to their collection. This artist takes well known figures and adds a twist to them. For example you can see Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee, and other well known figures in his art. HenryD’s NFTs are unique because of the popping colors added, and the play on classic figures and comic books. 

Fans of DC will love these NFTs. The comic book style truly brings back the feeling of opening your favorite comic book and reading it from start to finish. There are many pieces from this collection that even feature Batman! This unique collection also features Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street. Talk about nostalgia!

These NFTs are not all still images. You are able to see the image move, with a blast of animation, immersing viewers into his art. HenryD’s art is not afraid to add a creative touch to classic pieces. Collectors can find his work on Rarible.


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