We Interviewed Voice Actor Terrance Addison!

We had the pleasure of chatting with Terrance Addision a full-time voice actor based in Los Angeles! Check it out to learn more about Terrance’s work, voice acting, and more!

1.What initially inspired you to become a creator, and how has that inspiration evolved throughout your creative journey?

I was inspired by Metal Gear Solid on the Playstation 1. That game spoke to me as a young teen, and I knew at that moment I wanted to be a voice actor. Video games have continued to grow, and help shape my love for voice acting. I’m inspired every time I play something new. 

2.Can you share a specific moment or experience that fueled your passion for your current creative project?

I reached an incredibly high point of my IT career, that made me so busy and overworked. I realized if I wanted to be happy I needed to pursue my dreams of voice acting. 

3.What challenges have you encountered as an indie creator, and how have they shaped your approach to your work?

Being heard is incredibly difficult in this industry, especially in the beginning, however all it has done is make me work harder, stay consistent, and keep pushing. 

4. Are there any particular creators who have significantly influenced your style or approach? How do you incorporate those influences into your own unique voice?

There are far too many to name here, but I will say that I’m continually influenced by talent big or small. Everyone I interact with speaks to me in their own unique way. I wouldn’t be where I am at without each of them. 

5. How do you navigate the balance between staying true to your artistic vision and adapting to feedback from your audience or collaborators?

I’ve wanted to be a voice actor for over 20 years, I’ve learned a long time ago that you have to be true to yourself, be mindful of constructive feedback, as well as knowing when to ignore hate. I can only continue to thrive if I remain vigilant and true to myself. 

6. Can you recall a memorable success story or milestone in your indie creator journey that stands out as a turning point for you?

I actually just got represented by an incredible talent agency in LA. While this is very recent, I know that when I look back on this moment in a few years, it will absolutely be the turning point in my career. 

7.What role do setbacks or failures play in your creative process, and how do you overcome them to keep moving forward?

To be candid, they don’t affect me at all. I realized early on that being a voice actor comes with a lot of rejection. I tend to believe that my voice is unique and I am right for the right projects. Anything I don’t land was meant for someone else. 

8. How do you manage your time and energy to sustain a consistent creative output while juggling other aspects of life?

This isn’t easy, however, I’ve started organizing my day in a way that allows me to audition, work, study, and more. It took some time, but I have also ensured I do stop at some point in the day to decompress and just enjoy what life has to bring. 

9.Have you found any unexpected joys or rewards in the indie creator community, and how has it contributed to your overall experience?

The community itself is one of my greatest joys. I love seeing everyone win, I love to see how loving we are to each other. I’m blown away by how connected this community is. Incredibly supportive of one another. 

10.If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring creators, what would it be based on your own lessons learned?

As cheesy as this sounds. Don’t give up on your dreams. Keep pushing, keep pursuing, and when the time is right everything will fall into place. 

11. What are your thoughts on All Ages of Geek? What are some things we should change/do? What are some things you enjoy about our website?

I love what you all are doing. Bringing light to indie creators that may otherwise go unnoticed. I’m incredibly humbled to even be having this chat with you all. I have no feedback on anything to change. Keep doing what you’re doing! The website is easy to navigate (even on mobile). I love how much content is on there. So many great things! 

12. Goals for 2024?

I intend to keep pushing, keep growing, and keep pursuing my dreams. That’s the ultimate goal for me. 



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