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Ten ’90s Nickelodeon Toys That Will Transport You Back To Your Childhood – #3 Will Make You Scream ‘SMASHING!’

Get ready, all you ’90s kids and toy enthusiasts, because we’re about to take a trip down memory lane. Today, we’re exploring the Top 10 ’90s Nickelodeon Toys Based on their Shows, like “Rugrats” and more! If you grew up in the ’90s, these treasures likely filled your toy chest, and if they didn’t, well, let’s just say your childhood needed more slime.

10. Talkin’ Tommy Pickles Doll (Rugrats)

Oh, baby! This talking Tommy Pickles doll was as iconic as Angelica’s sass. With his trusty screwdriver and diaper, he spoke adorable phrases like “I’m just a baby!” just like in the show. Who wouldn’t want to lead the Rugrats on adventures in their living room?

9. Gak (Various Shows)

Was it a solid? Was it a liquid? Who cared! Gak was Nickelodeon’s answer to all things ooey-gooey. The commercials alone were enough to make any kid beg their parents to get Gak’d.

8. Hey Arnold! Bobbleheads (Hey Arnold!)

Football head in bobblehead form? Sign me up! These collectible gems captured Arnold and his friends’ quirks perfectly. And yes, Helga’s unibrow was on point.

7. Reptar Bars and Cereal (Rugrats)

Reptar, the Godzilla-like dinosaur from “Rugrats,” inspired a real-world treat. Those chocolate bars and cereals weren’t just collectibles; they were an experience. The green frosting inside? Culinary art.

6. Nickelodeon Time Blaster Clock Radio

Waking up for school was never the same after this bad boy. Shaped like a crazy contraption from a Nicktoon, it blared alarm sounds from your favorite shows.

5. Legends of the Hidden Temple Board Game

Why just watch “Legends of the Hidden Temple” when you could play it at home? This board game had you dodging temple guards and assembling monkey statues right in your living room.

4. Creepy Crawlers Bug Maker (Ah! Real Monsters)

“Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina, oh my!” This toy let you create creepy, crawly critters inspired by “Ah! Real Monsters.” The result? A lot of grossed-out parents and a ton of fun.

3. Wild Thornberrys Off-Road Safari Game

Nigel Thornberry’s smashing personality captured our hearts, and this game allowed you to go on a safari adventure with the whole Thornberry clan. Smashing, indeed!

2. CatDog Plush (CatDog)

Half cat, half dog, all awesome. The CatDog plush was an oddly lovable toy that mirrored the quirky nature of the show itself. How did they eat? The world may never know.

1. Moon Shoes (Advertised on Various Shows)

Bouncing into the number one spot, Moon Shoes were the epitome of ’90s Nickelodeon toys. Marketed as mini-trampolines for your feet, they promised endless fun (and maybe a sprained ankle or two).

Honorable Mention: The Big Help Shovel

Okay, so it wasn’t a toy, but if you participated in Nickelodeon’s Big Help, you knew that shovel was the symbol of something great.

And there you have it, the Top 10 ’90s Nickelodeon Toys that had us rushing to Toys”R”Us like Tommy Pickles to a mud puddle. These toys weren’t just plastic and stuffing; they were pieces of a magical era that brought our favorite shows to life.

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Now, go dig up those Moon Shoes from the attic, and bounce back to a time when life was as simple as a game of Meltman with the power to…melt. Happy reminiscing!

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