Zero-One and Ryuki Coming to TokuSHOUTsu

Greetings, geeks of all ages! In a recent livestream, Shout! Factory has announced that they will be adding Kamen Rider seasons Zero-One and Ryuki to their streaming service. Both series are coming soon, though no exact date has been given. This is exciting news for Rider fans outside of Japan, who are unable to readily view the series. As more series get official English releases, I hope that Kamen Rider gains more traction. More views and good reception of these releases will encourage them to release more of the series library. Eventually, this could lead to potential simultaneous subtitled releases. If you’d like to check out the Kamen Rider series they already released, click here for the original from 1971 and click here for Kuuga from 2000. See how the previous eras began before the release of Zero-One and Ryuki.

Ryuki: Alive A Life

Promo for Ryuki
Promo Poster for Ryuki

I’ve given my opinions and a simple synopsis of Ryuki in a previous article. If you’d like to read my thoughts on it, click here. However, I’ll give the synopsis here to entice any potential viewers:

In a parallel world, an unseen war is being fought. A Rider War fought between thirteen Riders rages on. While the fighting goes on, rookie journalist Shinji Kido begins investigating a missing persons case. During his investigation, Shinji comes across a strange deck of cards. This leads him into the Mirror World, the battlefield for the Rider War. Now, left with no choice, Shinji becomes Kamen Rider Ryuki in order to fight to survive.

If you’re interested in the series, feel free to watch the first two episodes with English subtitles over on TOEI TOKUSATSU WORLD OFFICIAL on YouTube before the full series release.


Promo for Zero-One
Promo Poster for Zero-One

The world has entered a new era of Artificial Intelligence. Through the efforts of Hiden Intelligence, Japan’s foremost AI Company, a new type of android known as Humagear has become a staple of every day life. From general public jobs to work in private sectors, Humagear are everywhere. Following the death of Hiden Intelligence’s CEO, Korenosuke Hiden, a cyber-terrorist group known as MetsubouJinrai.net begin to hack Humagear and force them to attack innocent people. In the midst of this crisis, Korenosuke’s grandson, up-and-coming comedian Aruto Hiden, is named as Hiden Intelligence’s new CEO. Now, he must take on the mantle of Kamen Rider Zero-One in order to protect his grandfather’s legacy.

This announcement, alongside the new projects revealed at the start of Rider Week, have me excited as a fan of the series. It truly is a wonderful time to be a Rider fan outside of Japan. I can only hope that these official releases pull in more fans, as this series is much more than just a Japanese kids’ show. That’s all for now, ciao~

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Three New Kamen Rider Projects Revealed

Greetings, geeks of all ages! As previously reported, three new Kamen Rider projects were teased before the start of Rider Week. But now, these projects have been revealed! All three Kamen Rider projects are projected for release after 2021, with the earliest release set for Spring of 2022.

The Continuing Adventure of Kamen Rider W

Fuuto PI Poster
Fuuto’s Private Investigators, Philip and Shotaro

First, we have the anime adaptation of the Kamen Rider W (Double) manga sequel, FUUTO PI. Set to continue the story of W, FUUTO PI begins when a mysterious young lady appears as a new evil casts its shadow over the windy city of FUUTO. As strange new cases continue to pop up all over the city, Shotaro and Philip come together to solve them while protecting the city as its guardian, W. FUUTO PI is a buddy cop drama made to appeal to an older audience. Furthermore, Funimation will handle international distribution of the series.

In my previous article, I stated my hope that one of the projects would be an anime adaptation of one of the manga. Now, with the announcement of the FUUTO PI anime, I’ve gotten exactly that. I am over the moon, as W is one of my all time favorite Kamen Rider series.

Return of the Century King

Kamen Rider BLACK SUN Logo

Next, we have a reboot of the Showa era show, Black. BLACK SUN is currently slated for launch in Spring of 2022, with Kazuya Shiraishi directing the series. As a retelling of the original story, BLACK SUN promises to deliver a fresh take on the classic story. In the original, a mysterious being known as the Creation King rules over the criminal organization Gorgom. Kohtaro Minami and his stepbrother, Nobuhiko Akizuki are chosen as the Century Kings. These Century Kings are fated to fight to become the Creation King’s successor. Kohtaro is transformed into the Century King “Black Sun”. During the conversion process, he escapes from Gorgom’s clutches before he can be brainwashed. Vowing to fight against this criminal organization, Kohtaro takes up the role of Kamen Rider. Now, Kamen Rider Black must fight against the organization and the evil Shadow Moon.

As of right now, not much else is known about the series. However, as we get closer to release, more news regarding the series should drop. I will keep you posted as more updates come.

Revival of The First

Shin Kamen Rider Teaser Image
Shin Kamen Rider Teaser Image

Lastly, we have the announcement of the Shin Kamen Rider film, set for release in March of 2023. Not much is known about the film other than the director attached to the project, Hideaki Anno. Best known for Neon Genesis Evangelion, Anno has worked on other big Tokusatsu reboot films. The first is Shin Godzilla, released in 2016. Second is the upcoming Shin Ultraman film, slated for release sometime this year. Anno himself has said that he was a big fan of Kamen Rider growing up, so I’m sure he will do his best to deliver a movie that represents Kamen Rider as a whole.

Rider Week is off to a great start with the reveal of these three projects. I can’t wait to watch these new series as they come, and I hope that these new projects will bring in many new fans to the series as well. That’s it from me, ciao~

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Kamen Rider Saber and Zero-One Movies Releasing in April

Greetings, geeks of all ages! Exciting news for fans of Kamen Rider Saber and Zero-One. We finally have a date for the official Blu-Ray/DVD release of the Winter Movies. After the theatrical release on December 20th, the Blu-Ray/DVD Collection will be released on April 21st.

Kamen Rider Zero-One: REAL X TIME

Kamen Rider Zero-One Movie Poster


“If God created the world in 6 days, then I will destroy it in 60 minutes and create paradise.” A sudden, large-scale, global terrorist attack begins when the mysterious S, Kamen Rider Eden, appears with thousands of supporters at his side. As the world around them falls into chaos, Aruto Hiden stands up against S. Together with Isamu Fuwa, Yua Yaiba, and their allies, they transform into Kamen Riders to fight the enemy while uncovering the truth behind the incident. Who is the unbelievably powerful S? What is the paradise that he is trying to create? Overcome the boundary between humans and AI and save the world in 60 minutes!

Runtime: 80 minutes


Aruto Hiden/Kamen Rider Zero-One: Fumiya Takahashi
Isamu Fuwa/Kamen Rider Vulcan: Ryutaro Okada
Is/As: Noa Tsurushima
Yua Yaiba/Kamen Rider Valkyrie: Hiroe Igeta
Jin/Kamen Rider Jin: Daisuke Nakagawa
Horobi/Kamen Rider Horobi: Shuya Sunagawa
Gai Amatsu/Kamen Rider Thouser: Nachi Sakuragi
Ikazuchi: Daichi Yamaguchi
Naki: Satsuki Nakayama
Jun Fukuzoe: Kazuya Kojima

S/Kamen Rider Eden: Hideaki Ito
Bell/Kamen Rider Abaddon: Seiji Fukushi
Akane: Hirona Yamazaki
Moore/Kamen Rider Abaddon: Mei Hata
Lugo/Kamen Rider Abaddon: Yu Koyama
Buga/Kamen Rider Abaddon: Hirooki Goto
Makio Nodachi: Akira 100%

Kamen Rider Saber: The Phoenix Swordsman and the Book of Ruin

Kamen Rider Saber Movie Poster


The sealed Book of Ruin is unleashed by the mysterious Immortal Swordsman. As darkness flows out of the book, the Real World and the Wonder World are swallowed up and at risk of destruction. Touma, alongside the members of the Sword of Logos, must fight the Immortal Swordsman and stop the crisis. What will befall Touma and the world as the end draws near?

Runtime: 22 minutes


Touma Kamiyama/Kamen Rider Saber: Shuichiro Naito
Rintaro Shindo/Kamen Rider Blades: Takaya Yamaguchi
Mei Sudo: Asuka Kawazu
Kento Fukamiya/Kamen Rider Espada: Ryo Aoki
Ryo Ogami/Kamen Rider Buster: Yuki Ikushima
Ren Akamichi/Kamen Rider Kenzan: Eiji Togashi
Tetsuo Daishinji/Kamen Rider Slash: Hiroaki Oka
Tassel: Les Romanesque TOBI

Bacht/Kamen Rider Falchion: Masashi Taniguchi

With the official release of the movies coming soon, I’m looking forward to the chance to finally see them. As I don’t live in Japan, I did not have the opportunity to see it in theaters. Thankfully, with the home release a mere month away, it won’t be too much longer before I can. Kamen Rider Zero-One is one of my favorite seasons, and the movie looks to be an excellent conclusion to the story of the series. As for Kamen Rider Saber, while it started out rough, the show has become better as it entered its second arc. Hopefully the show can keep up the pace and deliver a great story with amazing action.

That’s it from me, ciao~!

Toei Announces New Junretsu Toku Movie

Greetings, geeks of all ages! Recently, Toei made an announcement for the release of a tokusatsu parody movie featuring Junretsu, a male idol band consisting of tokusatsu alums. As a fan of these officially made parody series, I have a feeling this is going to be a fun one. Let’s break down what was included as part of the announcement!


“Junretsu, the super bathhouse idols that have performed in the Kohaku Song Competition 3 years running, transform into super heroes! In 2021, Junretsu will give a heart-warming performance on screen. This new side of them is sure to entertain! Though they’ve reached stardom in the world of singing, they have kept their acting hidden. To protect the peace of the hot springs, a place where everyone can relax, the heroes Junretsugers spring into action to fight against the evil that threatens the peace.”


Shota Gogami: Shota Gogami/Jun Green
Yujiro Shirakawa: Yujiro Shirakawa/Jun Red
Ryohei Odai: Ryohei Odai/Jun Blue
Kazuyoshi Sakai: Kazuyoshi Sakai/Jun Violet

It’s interesting to note that the suits of each character references that actors previous role or appearance in a toku production. The Jun Green suit has a shuriken on his visor, referencing his appearance in Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger: 10 Years After. Jun Red’s suit features a beetle horn on his helmet, referencing his role as KabutoRaiger in Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger. The helmet on Jun Blue looks like it has turrets coming out of it, referencing his role as Kamen Rider Zolda on Ryuki. And Jun Violet’s helmet has bull horns, referencing his previous role as GaoBlack in Hyakuju Sentai Gaoranger.

Super Sento Junretsuger (Super Fighting Junretsu Rangers) will be releasing later this year. I’m looking forward to the release of this movie. At any rate, that’s all for this update. Ciao~