“Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” revealed at DC Fandome

The surprises don’t stop coming from DC FANDOME 2020.

Rocksteady unveiled their new project Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League this weekend. Check out the trailer below:

All doubts I had is just gone. Pack it up and take my damn money!

Like I said in my earlier article, I wasn’t really all that thrilled about a new Suicide Squad game. But the fact Superman is in it, made me want to reconsider.


Can we get Jeffrey Combs to play him again?
There’s just something about the Re-Animator being an Alien Knowledge-Seeking Destroyer of Worlds that just seems right….

The cinematic trailer opens up with a big reveal: Brainiac.

It seems that he will be the “big bad” of the game, as a giant Brainiac ship has made its home among the Metropolis cityscape. The scene looks very reminiscent of Injustice 2‘s take on a Brainiac invasion. Fans were wondering why Task Force X would be targeting the Justice League when it was announced. It didn’t occur to fans that Brainiac was the answer.

I call that a win-win.


Metropolis seems to be the main setting of this game.

[Insert mandatory “Inception BRRRR” here]

Rocksteady presents us a gorgeous and sunlit Metropolis– despite the Brainiac invasion. It is a rich and colorful environment that contrasts Gotham’s dark and decrepit streets. The sun never rises in Gotham, but the sun never sets in Metropolis.

I am hoping that the game’s final version of Metropolis is just as gorgeous as the one seen in the trailer, and as expansive, if not bigger, than the Gotham City map in Arkham Knight. The city is just stunning to look at. It’s almost as if they were making a Superman game at one point, then the execs said, “No, make Suicide Squad…” and Rocksteady shrugged and added the Suicide Squad in…


Guardians of the– who…?

The Suicide Squad roster is composed of Deadshot, Harley Quinn, King Shark, and Captain Boomerang. They’ve become the face of the group ever since their resurgence in popularity prior to 2016’s film adaptation.

The trailer introduces us to the Squad as they lounge about the rooftops awaiting further orders from Amanda Waller. We get a real sense of chemistry between the characters that was sorely missing in the 2016 film. Deadshot boasts about never missing a target, while the rest of the gang mock him for repeating the same Snapple fact for the umpteenth time. Captain Boomerang is a sarcastic yet charming Aussie through and through that contrasts Deadshot’s uptight personality. King Shark, oddly enough, gave me Drax-like vibes, providing an awkward yet satisfying dumbwitted yet endearing aura about the character. Harley is just.. well, she’s Harley.

No word yet if other, and more disposable, members of Task Force X will make an appearance but the possibilities are endless at this point.

Harley and Deadshot console King Shark after Boomerang ate the last slice of Pizza…

No gameplay was shown, but based on the cinematic trailer, it is looking to be an action/shooter experience with a possible option for 4-player co-op. We get a glimpse at what we can expect from each character’s skill kits. Everyone seems to have a traversal gadget that allows them to move along the city rooftops: Harley has a grappling hook; Deadshot’s got a jetpack; King Shark looks like he may have an enhanced jump; and Captain Boomerang either has a Boomerang that allows him to teleport to it’s location, or some sort of speed force ability. As for combat, they all seem to have projectiles guns of some sort, and different melee styles. Honestly, I’m getting Fortnite vibes mixed with Sunset overdrive from this trailer.


Superman is here!

And his name is JOHN CENA!!!! {DUDUDUUUUU!!!!)

Yes. I, too, am tired of evil Superman stories. But I shall allow this. I feel that the concept of Task Force X being a countermeasure to superheroes-gone-rogue has been mishandled by the 2016 film and I just want to see it done right. Besides, what better threat than the most powerful superhero of them all.

Keep in mind, that this story takes place in Rocksteady’s “Arkham-verse.” Yes. You heard that right. This game is a spiritual successor to the Batman: Arkham games– which is why I’m more excited about this game than the Gotham Knights game. Batman, at this point in time is no longer around, unless of course this takes place before the events of Knight, instead of after. The Justice League has been brainwashed by Brainiac, and no one else is capable of taking down the Justice League. Hell, not even Task Force X, but that’s why it’s a suicide mission after all.

When Superman appears on screen, he’s shot in the typical superheroic way to convey that he’s a symbol of hope and peace. King Shark even hammers the point down by giving the best line in the trailer.

Drax the Destroyer? Nah… Just Destroyer.

“Look! It’s Superman! The Mighty Superman has just rescued that pilot…”

I don’t know about you guys, but I was cracking up when King Shark said that line. It has a very childlike and fanboy-ish delivery to it, as if King Shark actually idolizes Superman. He just stares at him with awe before Supes goes full Homelander on that poor pilot.

EDIT: I just learned that Samoa Joe is the voice of King Shark. Perfection, I tell you. And it explains the Samoan Tribal tattoos.

I feel that this game might make a lot of great and dark jokes at the expense of the Justice League in the same manner as Harley Quinn’s TV Show, albeit more subdued and grounded.

Superman as a boss battle is enough to get me to pre-order the game, regardless of how it turns out. I am curious to see what Rocksteady has learned and how they are going to apply that in these boss battles against the Justice League. Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern… If this game is half of what I expect it to be, I think I’ll be satisfied.

All in all, this game is looking to be an interesting one. No word yet, when the next announcements for this game will be made. It seems that DC hasn’t given up on this IP just yet. With this game and a new movie in the horizon, I feel that Suicide Squad just might make an explosive comeback.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is set to release in 2022.

2022… Yeah…

but why tho?

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