Spy x Family Episode 15 Review

MinaRose2023 here with another SpyxFamily Review.

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Anya, Yor, Loid found each other. The Handler allowed Anya to keep Mr.Doggy. We find out that the Handler had a little girl Anya’s age. The next day the Dog is delivered to Anya’s house. Anya is really happy. When she wakes up the next day for school she finds out that she can’t say anything about what happened to get another Stella. She goes to school and Becky asks her what her dog’s name is that they should go to each other house for their dogs to play together. Anya tries to get Damian to invite her to his house so their dogs play together but it does not work. Anya returns home and they take the Dog to the dog park. Anya gets excited and Loid says he’ll make sure both Anya and Yor will be taken care of once his mission is done trying to stop the cold war. Anya looses her gloves and the Dog gets her gloves back and Anya finally realized what name to give him. Mr. Bond. Anya took care of Mr.Bond and at the end of the day they fell asleep together Mr.Bond being Anyas bed.

Overall a very sweet episode. I loved seeing Anya worried about her dog and giving him a name. Wonderful new family member added to the Forger family.

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