We Interviewed Voice Actor Sky Santacruz!

We had the pleasure of chatting with voice actor Sky Santacruz! Perhaps you can find some inspiration in this fun and exciting interview!

“My name is Sky Santacruz and I am a Mexican American Voice Actress based in Los Angeles, California. I began my voice acting journey in March 2021 after wanting to try it for so long!”

1.What initially inspired you to become a creator, and how has that inspiration evolved throughout your creative journey?

Growing up I had stage fright but I always dreamed of being in a play. I instead took up dance, singing in my room, art, or playing an instrument, things where I didn’t have to speak on stage. Meanwhile I would secretly record impressions of my favorite cartoon characters on my IPod. I was a huge fan of animation and anime growing up.  I didn’t really start auditioning and getting into voice acting until after I met my current partner. I saw him auditioning for projects, being in projects, etc, and it seemed like so much fun! He told me about where he auditioned for projects (Casting Call Club) so I made an account and first only auditioned for singing projects but then auditioned for a fandub project. I got cast and the rest is history!  I couldn’t get enough of voice acting and have this continuous drive to improve and meet my goals. 

2.Can you share a specific moment or experience that fueled your passion for your current creative project?

It was one of my first roles for a fandub for the Goldypond Arc for the Promised Neverland by tpnmangadub. I played Violet and it was one of the first times I got to hear my voice on YouTube. Getting to hear myself, see peoples reactions to my take on the characters, boosted my drive and passion for voice acting. It was also the first time I got to see a project I was in come to completion.  I knew this was something I wanted to keep going at. 

3.What challenges have you encountered as an indie creator, and how have they shaped your approach to your work?

Some challenges I have faced are juggling being a full time student and part time student employee. In the senior year of my undergrad, I had more time for voice acting, especially since my job as a Writing Tutor only offered a small amount of hours. It wasn’t until I got into graduate school for my Masters in English,  that I really had to learn how to manage my time. For the past two years I have been a full time graduate student working as a Writing Instructor (in my first year), Composition and Public Speaking Instructor (in my second year) and a graduate assistant in the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts Dean’s office, on top of being a part time voice actor. In busy times of the semester, where I had to grade my students’ papers, or when I had to write papers of my own, I missed auditions I really wanted to apply for. In the end, I began to realize that most of the time there were new auditions being posted week after week. It wouldn’t be long before I saw another project I wanted to audition for and another! I realized that auditions aren’t going anywhere and there’s always a chance for me to shoot my shot. My other roles at my college also gave me motivation as I have been transparent with my co-workers and even students about being a voice actor. They give me the motivation and drive to keep going from their ongoing support throughout my masters. I just finished my masters program this May so I am excited to take the motivation they have given me towards more voice acting for the rest of this year and beyond! 

4.Are there any particular creators who have significantly influenced your style or approach? How do you incorporate those influences into your own unique voice?

Definitely Laura Bailey and Ashley Johhson. My favorite anime growing up was Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and I loved watching her as Lust! Ashley Johnson because she has such grounded reads. My favorite role of her’s is Ellie from The Last of Us. I am definitely inspired by both of them in my voice acting. I can really tell they become their characters and I inspire to do that for the characters I get to be as well. Their characters seem so real and I want people to also see that about my characters one day as well. 

5. How do you navigate the balance between staying true to your artistic vision and adapting to feedback from your audience or collaborators?

In voice acting it is a little harder to balance your vision and the creator of the project’s vision. In the end it is their character you are adapting so you don’t want to go too far away from their vision. I would say it’s always good to communicate to the director or creator of the project about certain character choices to make. Some may be completely excited for you to make unexpected character choices. However, you never know what plans that creator can have for their character in the future. 

6.Can you recall a memorable success story or milestone in your indie creator journey that stands out as a turning point for you?

Something super memorable I recall that helps pick me up when I am down is the feedback I got from one of my coaches from a class I took in the summer. They said your “training is paying off”. This meant so much to me to hear! 

Another big milestone was getting to be a part of the film The World’s Divide as an extra. I auditioned for a few of the supporting characters and was immediately captivated by the character designs and the compelling animation. Getting to be just a small part of this film meant the world to me. Make sure to check out the Cloudrise Pictures on X to keep up with where the film might be showing near you, as it has been submitted to festivals. 

7.What role do setbacks or failures play in your creative process, and how do you overcome them to keep moving forward?

In voice acting rejection is so common, you definitely can’t book every role you audition for. At first it would really get me down because I didn’t get the roles I really wanted to be a part of. Eventually, I realized that everyone is in the same boat and it is definitely something I had to get used to and I am still getting used to. How I keep going is looking back at my first projects or things I have been in thus far to show myself how far I’ve come. This definitely brightens my spirits! Then of course I go back to auditioning and try to look back at the notes I have gotten from voice acting classes and check if I am still applying what I learned. 

8. How do you manage your time and energy to sustain a consistent creative output while juggling other aspects of life?

Definitely keeping track of casting call deadlines and project deadlines. As I work two part time jobs at my university, it is super important as I also have graduate classes to attend to. I bookmark auditions I find and constantly check on the deadlines. I put aside the ones with the deadlines that are later in a month and focus on the ones that have one week deadlines. It definitely is difficult and I have had to miss out on some casting calls if I am busy with work or homework. However, what keeps me going is the goals I make for myself and remembering why I enjoy voice acting in the first place. I love helping bring characters to life. I love being a part of a creator’s story and vision. 

9.Have you found any unexpected joys or rewards in the indie creator community, and how has it contributed to your overall experience?

Definitely the friends I have made along the way. I am a super shy person online and have a hard time keeping up with online friendships but I have managed to make a few friends who I can support on their successes while they do mine!

10.If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring creators, what would it be based on your own lessons learned?

One piece of advice I would give to aspiring voice actors, don’t give up. Be persistent. Don’t be afraid of auditioning for something that has one thousand likes, if you’re passionate about the stories, characters, etc, go for it. One piece of advice I’ve gotten that really helped me go for it is that for a short amount of time when you are auditioning you are that character! You never know, you might be the right fit and maybe you’ll be considered for an extra or another character. 

11. What are your thoughts on All Ages of Geek? What are some things we should change/do? What are something you enjoy about our website?

I think All Ages of Geek is amazing because of their support on showcasing indie creators and projects. These projects deserve exposure and it seems the All Ages of Geek is doing amazing work for creators of all kinds. My favorite thing I enjoy about the All Ages of Geek website are the articles, it is a perfect place to find projects you may have never heard of and deserve to be more well known! I would not change a thing you all are doing! 

12. Goals for 2024?

Some of my goals for 2024 are to make a new demo reel, produced and directed by someone as the one I currently have is self made. I also really want to be a part of more visual novels, indie films, and hopefully book one dubbing project. Definitely want to put my dubbing training I had this summer to the test! 


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