Secrets and Surprises with the Mastermind Behind Core Reviews!

We had the pleasure of chatting with Core Reviews all about her blog. Be sure to check out her work HERE for more info!

Tell us about Core Reviews Blog!

Core Reviews: So with any great piece of media, it started with an idea. I wanted a way to express my love for anime and in typical ‘me’ fashion, I wanted to talk about it with anyone that would listen. Also, I’ve always wanted to become an author or even just an interesting writer. So, what better way to combine the two things I love than starting my own anime blog? Then, I decided I wanted to not just talk about anime but review it and share my opinions on it. I wanted to recommend shows and spark an interest in people who aren’t even familiar with or watch anime. Naturally, since I read manga and play some video games, I wanted to incorporate those as well.

What are your goals for your website?

Core Reviews: If I’m being honest, I’d like it to create a community. I love seeing other creators have a close-knit community where they have these inside jokes and it’s just a fun time. I’d love to be able to have like a manga book club or watch parties, etc.

What are some of your favorite topics to review?

Core Reviews: I love reviewing recommendations or things that I’ve never even heard of and it’s legit my initial thoughts. Lately, I’ve been loving reviewing indie titles and projects. It’s always fun to discover these creators who really rely on word-of-mouth promotion and I’ve seen a lot of top-tier creations.

If you could pick on anime character to work with who would it be and why?

Core Reviews: Since I am currently watching Jujutsu Kaisen and love this man to pieces, Nanami Kento. He is hands down one of the best representations of being overworked and underpaid. He would most definitely work in silence alongside me and only interrupt when it’s important. He’s the calm I need for my procrastination.

Goals for the rest of the year?

Core Reviews: As with each year, it’s to reach more people than I did the last! I also want to work with more creators and continue creating. Part of wanting that community vibe is also finding other people who love and want to talk about anime or manga or even video games.

Where can folks support your work?

Core Reviews: You can follow or just check out my blog website at I am also on social media. For Instagram its @ corereviewsblogs. On facebook it is CoreReviews and on twitter which is where I am the most active, it’s @ CoreReviews and I’m very responsive so don’t be afraid to just talk to me. I’m no better at starting conversations than the next awkward black girl but I love conversation. I’m also on discord, I have my own channel. It’s pretty dead right now but you know, the more people that join the more fun it will be! And thank you to the small group I have already. The link is . I’m still learning Discord so forgive it for not being high tech and cool.

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