RWBY Volume 9 Teaser Trailer Analysis (Spoilers for Volume 8)

Writer’s Note: This article DOES contain Spoilers for Volume 8. If you have not watched it, read this at your own digression.

With RTX here, Rooster Teeth decided to drop a sneak peek of the anticipated Volume 9 of RWBY. It begins with a point of view (POV) of Ruby during the Volume 8 Finale. The first POV is the explosion in Ambrosius’ Station to Vacuo. The second POV shot is of Neo going to kill Ruby, but Yang took the hit which caused her to fall into the void. The third POV shot is when Ruby lost Crescent Rose to the void. The fourth POV shot is when Ruby is holding onto Neo’s leg while Neo holds onto the pathway, then Cinder causes Neo to fall into the void. The fifth POV shot is Ruby seeing Blake fall into the void. The sixth POV shot is Ruby, while falling, touches something that looks like a molten metal followed by Neo attacking her, turning into Oscar, then Yang, then Penny, and getting behind Ruby and getting her into a chokehold, which Ruby gets out of. That ends the POV shoots. The next scene we see is Ruby waking up on a beach, which we know is not in Remnant. We know this because we see that there are two suns.

What does this mean? well, I don’t know. For all we know they could have fallen into a place outside of time and space! Either way, I know I’m excited to see what Volume 9 of RWBY has in store!

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