RWBY Volume 9 and Beyond

A story always asks us “what’s ahead?”. And as far as RWBY goes, well fans are constantly on the hunt for clues for where the story will lead next. With mixed feelings and reviews on RWBY Volume 8 fans are waiting for what’s to come for our heroines.

Rooster Teeth has launched many projects from a RWBY-based DnD campaign set in the World of Remnant, several RWBY novels, comics partnered up with DC Comics, a relaunch of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse for the Nintendo Switch and even the long-awaited return of RWBY Chibi. There’s a constant push for RWBY content with hardly any slowdow. So what’s next?

With RWBY Volume 9 arriving in the next few months, there are many discussions to be had. Salem had the upperhand last Volume and well…many of our favorite characters were thrown into a dark pit only to awaken to a very Kingdom Hearts vibing shore. The verdict? No one knows what to predict at this point. And with many theories brewing up on YouTube for the RWBYTuber hub, we are sure one of those theories will end up being right.

A few of All Ages of Geek’s Theories

More Character Insights/Development

RWBY Volume 8 was a very Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War vibe with characters drifting apart from each other (Nora and Ren I’m looking at you). But now that we have the push for that development, Volume 9 can possibly focus on stretching out that development over a course of a few days/months. A very dramatic fight, arguement or even more simple interactions might make a big impact on at least one character’s life. That is if all of our heroes made it out alive.

Winter Changing the Politics of the Schnee Family & Maiden Troubles

Winter being the Winter Maiden has been a theory to RWBY lore for years. And now that it’s canon we need to see how our new Maiden handles her powers and the responsibility at hand. With the world in shambles, people trying to survive and find new homes, Winter will have a lot on her plate.

Ruby Arc

The interesting part about RWBY is just because Ruby seems like the main character all the girls on Team RWBY are the focus. With many hints and clues being dropped about Summer’s “death” or even theories about her being a Grimm, the past is sure to be brought up in RWBY Volume 9. This will cause Ruby to delve into her powers and abilities even more, and have a moment of expression. There has been a huge build up of that development in Volumes 6 and 8 so it would be surprising to see another life changing moment for Ruby coming up.

Cinder Focus as the Villain

Since Salem had the main focus and win of Volume 8, it seems like she could be less prominent in Volume 9. Obviously still present but less of a focus. Cinder revealing her backstory is a huge part of the series, and due to it being very short-formed for an episode feature that is more Cinder to come. A build up to Cinder’s villainess side, a fateful fight between her and Ruby, just some form of a connection that will lead up to that fight (maybe not this volume but an upcoming one)

Remnant and Maiden Secrets

Being in a very Kingdom Hearts looking shore with a strange tree and an air of mystery there will be secrets to unfold. The World of Remnant has many scattered pieces. Whether that is pieces in time or pieces of the past being revealed to the present that mystery will slowly be revealed. Along with possible Remnant secrets, now that the Maidens have come into a major focus tidbits or full fledged lore may show up to push that side of the story forward.

These are some of our theories for RWBY Volume 9! Let us know what you think will happen. And get ready for RWBY reactions on our Patreon and YouTube along with tons of RWBY related content.

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