RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Definitive Edition will indeed be coming to the Nintendo Switch. This is awesome news for those who have never played it or those who want to hunt Grimm on the go. The original RWBY: Grimm Eclipse was released on April 1st, 2014. The game is a hack and slash, like Dynasty Warriors. In those seven years since then some outfits and Team JNPR were added as DLC and that’s about it. Since then there were two mobile games that were released: RWBY: Amity Arena (which was a Clash Royale style game) and RWBY: Crystal Match (a RWBY Chibi match three game). Amity Arena shut down their servers on January 28th, 2021 and Crystal Match seems to have not had an update since 2019.

Until recently, it looked like the only RWBY game there was to look forward to was the one being made by Wayforward (The studio behind Shantae) and Arc System Works (The studio behind the Guilty Gear franchise and the Blazblue franchise). Then on March 25th, 2021 Nintendo dropped the RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Definitive Edition trailer. What separates the Definitive Edition from the original? All the DLC comes with the Definitive Edition for free and there is a new costume set too Power Armor.

From personally experience, this is a fun game to play with friends. Just kick back, relax, and slay some Grimm, and just have fun! RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Definitive Edition come out on May 13th 2021.

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