Rohil Aniruth, Brings His Witty Social Satire To All Ages of Geek With Show “Indie Game Feels”


All Ages of Geek is a full-scale production company and entertainment streaming service centered around geek and pop-culture shows. Their programming champions audience participation and building an inclusive community.

Some of their most popular shows include; the Pop Filter podcast, a geeky news dive hosted by voice actor Erik Scott Kimerer (Sailor Moon, One Punch Man), and AAOG founder Katya Stec. The Weeb Watch-A-Thons is another hit, with the AAOG community watching their favorite anime series alongside Katya. Dice Sesh, Cool Concept, & the brilliantly affirming “Tips with Tat” are also shows in the catalog growing a lively, engaged fanbase.

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All Ages of Geek continues to expand their original programming with the new series, “Indie Game Feels,” hosted by uninhibited South African filmmaker and narrative designer Rohil Aniruth. The show is a real labor of love, with a DIY feel — a home production trying to make it work during the pandemic. The show curates and shares independent games from diverse creatives while having a humorous chat about how we process our feelings. 

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On the show’s development, Rohil shares, “My favorite moments of recording the show so far have been playing the spookier stuff… it’s like fighting demons… while fighting your demons, you feel me?” This also serves as a fairly accurate summary of the show’s general vibe. It’s funny but won’t shy away from discussing the real emotionally weighty experiences we all go through. 

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The show is committed to amplifying BIPOC + LGBTQ developers. Before signing on to host Indie Game Feels, Rohil worked in the games industry on mobile franchises with over 30-million+ downloads and wrote the card game “Infinite Jonathans” on shelves at Barnes & Noble. 

“Infinite Jonathans” via Breaking Games.

Rohil’s independent catalog with long-time collaborators, VR developer Jose Deschamps and animator James W. Berry, have caused several stirs at exhibitions around New York with their pop-up store approach to showcasing games and unbridled shenanigans.

Rohil Aniruth’s “Project Endall” installation at Babycastles.

Rohil Aniruth’s “Because I F*cking Love You” Arcade Cabinet.

Rohil has strong opinions and observations about his time in the industry as a young South African Indian developer, especially regarding representation and equity. 

Rohil shares, “Diversity is often used as nothing more than marketing and a way to continue exploiting Black and brown bodies for a progressive image. There is a difference between amplifying voices and just straight up using the cool visuals/stories created by BIPOC devs as part of your own content. Surrounding yourself with BIPOC or LGBTQ art doesn’t absolve you, it places a greater responsibility on you to make sure those creatives are protected. I’ve felt very intensely that frustration of someone exploiting my ideas when I was deeper in the industry. So, we’re taking particular care to make sure this show is more than just a weekly list skimming through games and that we are grounded in advancing the conversation on creating a more equitable games industry.”  

Indie Game Feels is currently slated to go live in mid-November and will stream on the All Ages of Geek website and YouTube channel. 

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